The Twelve Myths of Obama

All of the following are claims for which there is no evidence at all, or which are known to be false:

  1. Ron Polarik has a PhD1
  2. Sen. Barack Obama’s grandmother says he was born in Kenya on an audio tape
  3. The Constitution says a natural born citizen must have two citizen parents
  4. The Certification of Live Birth image on Barack Obama’s web site is a forgery
  5. Hawaiian law allows printing a birth certificate for someone born in a foreign country saying they were born in Hawaii
  6. The Supreme Court is afraid to hear the Obama citizenship cases before it
  7. Barack Obama’s Selective Service System registration released by the federal government is falsified
  8. The Supreme Court has secret plans to indict Obama before January 20
  9. Divorce papers for Obama’s parents say they have a child born in Kenya
  10. Ron Polarik has signed and sworn affidavits that Obama’s birth certificate image is faked
  11. officials are Obama contributors
  12. The certificate number on Obama birth certificate is too small/large for the date of his birth

I could go on, but when I say 12, I mean 12.

or not…

13. Maya Obama has a Hawaiian Birth Certificate.

1It turns out that the fellows who draws the Ron Polarik cartoon himself has a PhD.

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I am not a real doctor. I have a Master's Degree.
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16 Responses to The Twelve Myths of Obama

  1. bogus info says:

    I’d love to post this on one/all of the anti-Obama blogs. They would have a heart attack! LOL

  2. laughinghysterically says:

    Problem is, no one can post on those blogs as almost all rational people have been banned. Were you to post it, you too would find yourself persona non grata.

    Gotta love how much they all value truth on these sites. What a joke!

  3. bogus info says:

    I haven’t been banned from Doc Orly’s blog yet but I expect it is coming after my last post. LOL

  4. This list doesn’t mean a lot out of context of supporting information on this web site.

  5. laughinghysterically says:

    Over there the list wouldn’t mean a lot even with ALL of the supporting informatiion provided at this website.

    It is my position that even if Mr. Berg et al were able to travel back in time and literally witness Obama’s birth in Hawaii there would then simply be claims that they those who witnessed the event were given a hallucinagenic drug by the Obots to create an alternate reality in which Obama’s birth SEEMS to take place in Hawaii. Regardless of how much Berg or the other leaders then claimed that they had indeed witnessed the birth, it would matter little, as they would quickly be called out as Obots themselves who had worked for Obama all along.

    Conclusion: they will NEVER accept any version of the “truth” but the one they have already invented!
    Congitive dissonance anyone?

  6. laughinghysterically says:

    Home with the flu so I had a chance to make some comments over at Orly’s nuthouse. Just waiting for them to be deleted now…

  7. bogus info says:


    Sorry to hear you have the flu. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  8. laughinghysterically says:

    Thanks. It gave me some free time to have some fun at the Orly nuthouse. 🙂

    And over at Plains Radio (although, I couldn’t take too much of that insanity).

    I am guessing they are all on a fundraising drive now and will continue to be because their rent/bills are due the first of the month.

    So many bills to pay, so many people to con, so little time before Jan 20th!!

  9. laughinghysterically says:

    And, UPDATE: no big surprise, most of my comments at the orly nuthouse have been deleted!!

    They really can’t deal with even a grain of truth over there!

  10. TRUTH says:

    Just to put out a different perspective on things, and give you a target, I’ll disagree with your conclusion of NEVER on the basis that “they”(the anti-BHOs) have yet to be given a 2nd anything. Your being judgemental based off history of nutcases that NEVER give up. It isn’t as if the COLB was shown, then the Vault B.C., then they complained about it wanting more evidence. A question was brought out months about about BHOs place of birth, that COLB was thrown online, and thats the last play made by Team Obi-1.

    You can speculate there will be those that will never give, but if done correctly, not half-assed, a vault copy can be acquired to ease the concerns of oh I’ll say 90% of the anti’s. THe other 10%, well they are probably the same idiots that think we dive-bombed our own freaking Pentagon.

    Ready on the Right – Ready on the Left .. Ready on the Firing Line.

  11. laughinghysterically says:


    Sorry but I have to disagree. A vault copy would do little but fuel the fire, as it would immediately be questioned because [insert whatever bat-sh*t-crazy reason you’d like here:1) the person “authenticating is in Obama’s pocket” 2)a bunch of online “anonymous experts” say it’s a forgery 3)doesn’t amtter because he was born on Mars 4) doesn’t matter b/c Hawaii is not a real state, and on and on and on].

    Their goal is to keep Obama out of office, this NBC issue is simply their latest “means” to that end.

  12. TRUTH says:

    See, you didn’t read my post completely but instead being on the defensive skimmed it quickly as yet another anti-obama post. I said “done correctly”. I don’t expect Ringling Bros. to send in 3 clowns and snap a fish eye picture of it, each of them signing in crayon that they seen it. With the right people, done the correct manner, it can’t be questioned and this ALL can be put to rest. And frankly, I don’t give 3 she-ites WHAT it says, JUST that it is done and we can move forward knowing for sure.

    But instead, EVERY time that is mentioned it is dismissed almost faster than you can say conspiracy theory.

  13. Saying that there is no evidence of this: The Constitution says a natural born citizen must have two citizen parents.

    …is like saying there is no evidence that “a more perfect union” meant a more functional federalist government.

    The explanation of what natural born Citizen is, is there, in black and white.

  14. Frankly, I’ve been wondering why we don’t get much serious criticism over here. This site is rather provocative to some points of view (and heaven knows I’ve been baiting Polarik), but most of the fire is friendly. There are 16 feature articles here on citizenship issues here so there is plenty for you to read too.

    I don’t usually put much effort in to posting critiques of articles on other web sites, mainly because after half an hour’s work, they just get deleted by the site owner, but I will take some time with your article and write something up in honor of your visit. It’s probably a good thing to make the effort to answer the Vattel [that’s a double “t”]/Jay/Bingham argument as a whole, rather than addressing each piecemeal.

    As for Donofrio, he appears to have packed up his bags and gone home with nothing new on his blog for a month now. I think Vice President Curtis was probably the last nail in the coffin for him.

  15. betty says:

    sorry too late – he’s already your president!!!!

  16. TRUTH says:

    13. That Obama really cares about your health.

    Out one side of his mouth he says you can keep your current health care, he doesn’t intend to take that away. Out the other side he says he will tax employers extra, thus making it so they can’t afford to pay your health care, leaving you without any or taking Governments.

    14. That he doesn’t want the Government to take control of your life.

    Then he takes over the biggest bank in America, Chrysler and General Motors. Now he is working on health, a list of others is in the shadows.

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