Why are you here?

Dr. Conspiracy

Dr. Conspiracy

Actually I know something of the answer. In the past two weeks  obamaconsipracy.org has seen over 2,000 visitors. When anyone visits a web site, they leave behind a bit of information: their IP address, what browser they use, what operating system they run, what page they are looking at and sometimes the page that they were on before. Most of you run Internet Explorer as your browser, and most of you are Windows XP users. Most of you came here as a result of a web search. What’s interesting is where you came from, and what you were searching for.

Search Terms

Based on the name of this web site and it’s rankings with search engines, it’s no surprise that the number one search keywords leading visitors here is “obama conspiracy”. Here’s a table of the top things our visitors were looking for:

obama conspiracy 210
obama birth certificate 101
Obama Election Illegal 70
obama conspiracy theories 21
obama natural born citizen 20
obama conspiracy theory 18
barack obama conspiracy theories 13
obama’s election illegal 9
obama natural born citizen 8
barack obama conspiracy 8
2009 conspiracy theories 7
the obama conspiracy 6
obama vs berg birth certificate citizenship 6
predictions for 2009 obama 6
obamaconspiracy.org 5
obama birth 5
obama conspiracies 5
obama kenyan birth certificate 5
barack obama birth certificate 4
“certificate of hawaiian birth program” 4

Referring Pages

The startling result 😯 was that about one fourth of visitors came here from FreeRepublic.com, referred from this page there: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2151204/posts which says in an article titled “Refutation of Obama Birther Crackpottery” says to come here for “the facts”. Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate Doesn’t Really Say He Was Born in Hawaii. That tells me that FreeRepublic.com is getting a lot of traffic on this question and that at least somebody over there is  “confident that any reasonable person who reads the material contained therein will conclude that the ‘certifigate’ controversy is nothing but a crackpot conspiracy theory.”

Most Popular Pages

Far and away, my article Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate Doesn’t Really Say He Was Born in Hawaii is the most popular on the site. I’m glad of that because it’s a good page with lots of solid information.

/2008/12/not_born_in_hawaii/ 1112
Page: Home 918
/category/birth-certificate/ 294
/2008/12/obama-election-illegal-globe/ 178
/2008/12/obama-kenyan-birth-certificate/ 164

Those are the statistics, but why are you really here? Comments welcome.

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4 Responses to Why are you here?

  1. bogus info says:

    I’ve been asking myself that very question. There are alot more productive things I could be doing instead of following this “conspiracy theory.” Why indeed.

  2. ROFL. It’s all going to be all right whether we bother over it or not.

    But the fear mongers can be pretty effective sometimes.

  3. bogus info says:

    Dr. C,

    Yes, they can. I nearly bought into it until I dug deeper. Example being the “Hawaiian Homelands Application” as their evidence that a COLB is not valid. If you don’t read and “understand” why they don’t “recommend”(NOT Won’t accept) the COLB, then on “face value”, you just might “buy into it.”

  4. It looks like we’re hitting about 4,000 visitors over the last 30 days, and approaching 20,000 page views (exclusive of search engines). Not to shabby for the first month of operation!

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