Thoughts on the Smith declaration

I’ve been wondering what’s up with the Lucas Smith declaration dated October 12, 2009. In it Smith states that Orly Taitz asked him to lie under oath, and (in graphic detail) that Orly is sleeping with members of the legal team, in particular Charles E. Lincoln III.

First one has to wonder whether the declaration itself is authentic, something I haven’t had time to research, but assuming it is, why? Why would Smith write such a thing? He has a two five criminal convictions and has been trying to sell fake documents on eBay, so his credibility is minimal at best. It would seem to me that Smith is trying to discredit Orly Taitz with her far right Christian Evangelical base.

My best guess is that Orly Taitz is hogging all the birther publicity, and very bad publicity it is. Someone wants discredit Taitz and the birther movement so that it will not be a drag on Conservative chances in the next election. The faithful that follow Orly will vote conservative birther movement or no, but the more moderate Republicans may be turned off by the lunacy. I’m thinking that some well heeled conservatives are paying Smith for his help.

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  1. True or not, there are parts of that affidavit that I wish I hadn’t read.

  2. While researching this piece, I ran across a web page that I really wish weren’t there., a white supremacist web site of long standing has an article that begins:

    Apparently one of our AXJ members over at the website has sent us a copy of an extensive post regarding Mr. Lucas Daniel Smith, and his supposed sworn Affidavit of Mr. OBAMA’s birth in Kenya….

    In typical AXJ fashion, the entire article is pasted in plus some of the comments that followed.

    I try to stay as far away from Stormfront as I can.

  3. Loren says:

    You can put the concerns about the declaration’s authenticity to rest. Smith vouched for it himself on his YouTube profile page:

    His comments from last night also include things like:

    “I take it back, you’re probably black but, your black that’s insecure because in truth white on the inside. You probably read every single black history ever written didn’t you, just to make yourself feel ‘black.’ Same reason that you slide in and out of ebonics at will, because your white on the inside.”


    “Your the type of black that get his head beat in while walking trough black neighborhoods because so white on the inside.”

    [Thanks, Doc C.]

  4. JoZeppy says:

    My personal opinion is that the major figures in the birther movement are all narcisistic ego freaks and can’t stand that (a) Orly is hogging all the limelight, and (b) Orly is making them all look like bigger idiots than they could make themselves look like on their own. I mean it’s one thing to cling to stupid theories that have no support in reality (not like most birthers have the education or the common sense to know what a legitmate interpretation of the law is). It’s entirely another thing when you add the sheer levels of incompetence Orly adds to the equation.

  5. I don’t think he’s getting paid by moderates. The renowned Charles Lincoln is behind it.

  6. SluggoJD says:

    No, he’s obviously trying to stir up trouble between the “renowned” Charles Lincoln and Orly.

    Lucas had become irrelevant, since his own version of an Obama Kenyan BC was clearly a fraud, signed and stamped by a doctor who spells his name HELTAN, not HELTON. He had to do something to stay in the game, and this was it. Boost himself up by tearing others down. I found it hilarious that he claims he spent $40,000 on Obama research, yet here he was in California bumming off everyone.

  7. Its Funny says:

    Maybe his own advances were rejected by Orly. Or the flip side is that his advances weren’t and she then ridiculed him in some way which I can leave to everyone’s imagination.

  8. kimba says:

    And don’t forget he said he didn’t even have bus fare to get back to Iowa

  9. kimba says:

    Eww. You owe me for the eye bleach to get rid of that visual!

    I think someone’s paying Lucas to stir up some trouble. It’s not the neocons, although I believe they started the ball rolling. Remember it was Mary Matalin’s assistant who first raised the question. The neocons have focused their efforts to undermine Pres Obama on the Afghanistan slams. They’re putting their money into Cheney, Inc.

  10. Benji Franklin says:

    Dear Cringing Orly Spectatotors,

    An aspect of Smith’s self-love letter that rings eerily true is how profoundly explanatory of most or Orly’s seemingly unproductive strategies, is the collectively imagined influence of her incompetence when it is driven by the cheapskate tendencies he implies. Smith wisely reminds us, Orly has nothing to lose professionally.

    Her followers are intellectually fickle; presumably she loses every one who develops a second brain cell.

    Smith runs afoul of propriety though in trying to journal about Orly’s quasi-legal affairs, especially Ms.-quoting Lincoln.

    Lucas has contaminated the instructive imagery of how being “all-in” bears on Obama accusers, by alleging the specter of the legaleze-challenged Orly economisering (sic) on legal writing fees by a bartering arrangement whereby she (Lucas affirms as a witness) makes sure repeatedly that Lincoln is, “All in!”.

    And another thing. The next time you (seemingly) tell a judge she’s a cheapskate, don’t add that she’s “tight” unless you’re being redundant.

    Benji Franklin

  11. MarvelousMarvAlbert says:

    Just when I didn’t think you could sink any lower, you come up with something new. Why is it difficult to realize Orly is a sexual human being?

    Why aren’t we discussing Kreep’s sexual history. Does Kreep have a sexual history? Where did Kreep get the money for his television ads? And why was he an hour late for Court?

  12. jvn says:

    Sad to say, but the internet has helped make the birther “movement” a financially viable way to make a living (at least for a while).

    So that means that the players in the “movement” are going to get rough with each other in order to get a larger piece of what I presume is now a shrinking pie.

    So Smith is trying to “take out” Orly, at least in part because Orly caused him to be cast out from the court case when he thought he was the “major witness.”

    No more earnings or support for Smith. He responds in the only way he knows how.

  13. wendy says:

    personal take on the broad thing…
    Elections are always about money and power. GOP has more big money interests, who are gonna fight administrations that are focused on reforms and regulation. Any Democrat would have faced similiar attacks. The original claims/planted stunts, came up during the primaries, in an effort to knock Obama out in favor of Clinton. Once she was out of the running, the fringe right adopted the scam.
    There still is money behind it. WND is proof of that, they PROFIT from keeping the sh*t alive. But, the bigger point was stopping the loss of the election. Once Obama WON, then the move is on, to somehow invalidate the election itself. The average BIRTHER is being used, by playing on fear and suspicion, to create some false conspiracy that “threatens their freedoms”.
    The bigger players are also using it, for attention, notoriety, etc. But their very core, being unable or unwilling to concede loss, combined with LOSING any legal efforts, is pitting them against each other, in any way they can come up with. Bringing Lucas into it, was dumb to start with. Liar against liar.
    At BEST, the whole thing is utter stupidity. At is inciting sedition and possible violence, from those who ACTUALLY BELIEVE Obama to be in office illegally.
    If it were only utter stupidity, I would laugh. I speak out, because I see it sliding to the worst.
    If it comes to worst, then Orly has blood on her hands for promoting it.

  14. Expelliarmus says:

    ? He has a two criminal convictions

    A lot more than “two”. At least 5 separate felony convictions, some of which were on multiple counts. Probably a dozen misdemeanors.

    [Thanks. Article updated. Doc.]

  15. wendy says:

    a bit confused, are you not??
    the discussion of Ms Taitz and her sex life, is the product of her buddy, Lucas Smith. WE didn’t come up with it.
    the only thing that concerns ME is her intent to overthrow the legal President of this country.
    I could care less who she or Kreep is screwing.

  16. misha says:

    Orly Taitz and her ilk are momzers – nothing more.

    I fear, too.

  17. misha says:

    Remember, I said Orly has a lot of skeletons in the closet? Remember, I said she might have been a streetwalker in Moldova?

    Listen guys, I know refuseniks. They’re a bunch that goes in for crackpot politics, at the very least.

    I also said she would self-destruct. Ah, it doesn’t get any better.

  18. misha says:

    Yeah, but he has airfare to Kenya and back, and money for bribes to get a gen-you-wine BC. What a bunch of parasites.

    I’d love to see his passport, and airline manifests. He went to Kenya, like I went to Mars last night.

    I really did. Why doesn’t anyone believe me? Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock gave me a ride. They’re both Jewish, so they gave me a discount on the fare.

    I get everything wholesale.

    What happens when one parent is Jewish, and one parent is black? They only shoplift wholesale. (bada-bing)

  19. misha says:

    What’s the difference between a nymphomaniac, a prostitute, and a Jewish housewife?

    A nymphomaniac says “That’s ALL??”
    A prostitute says “That’s all.”
    A Jewish housewife says “I think we’ll paint the ceiling beige.”

  20. We aren’t discussing Kreep because no one is claiming to file documents about his sex life in a case of interest.

  21. milspec says:

    So how the heck can I get my check, I hear on another site the DOJ is handing them out, no need for paypal

  22. Bob says:

    I think someone’s paying Lucas to stir up some trouble.

    Nah. This is all about ego. He’d gladly post it for free just for the attention.

    (Have you seen any reality TV lately?)

  23. Bob: (Have you seen any reality TV lately?)

    No, I never watch that stuff.

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