Zombies ahead

It died back in August of 2010, but the zombie claim that Supreme Court Justice Kagan defended Barack Obama on eligibility-related cases as Solicitor General has been seen lurking the streets of the Rense.com web site. The cases Jeff Rense Googled have nothing to do with Obama’s eligibility. I’m still scratching my head over what George Soros has to do with any of this.

You might want to check out Rense’s link fast because it might just sink back into the ground as it did last time we saw it at WorldNetDaily before it was hastily scrubbed.

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  1. Joey says:

    I got this from Democratic Underground: “Four Solicitors General have later served on the Supreme Court: Robert H. Jackson, Stanley Forman Reed, Thurgood Marshall, and William Howard Taft (who was Chief Justice of the United States). Some who have had other positions in the office of the Solicitor General have also later been appointed to the Supreme Court. For example, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. was the Principal Deputy Solicitor General during the Reagan administration and Associate Justice Samuel Alito was an Assistant to the Solicitor General. Only one former Solicitor General has been nominated to the Supreme Court unsuccessfully, that being Robert Bork; however, no sitting Solicitor General has ever been denied such an appointment. Eight other Solicitors General have served on the United States Courts of Appeal.”

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