That was the year that wasn’t: a 2014 retrospective

If I were to sum up the significant events for birthers in 2014, I could end the article right now. 2014 is notable for it’s emptiness. So to fill up some space, I’ll talk about some of what they didn’t accomplish in 2014.

[Since this is being published a week before the end of the year, it may be updated.]

Cold Case Posse

Great expectations of some great release of information from the Cold Case Posse to occur in March of 2014 flew around the birthersphere, but the so-called “March reveal” never happened. In the wake of that disappointment, Posse video guy Mark Gillar Tweeted in April: “Between now and the midterms, shocking revelations will be brought forward by Sheriff Joe.” In June, pop singer and birther activist, and Cold Case Posse confidant Pat Boone pinned the time frame down even closer when he went on the record saying to Alan Colmes that the evidence that Obama’s birth certificate, the smoking gun, would be released by September. In July, Zullo spokesperson Carl Gallups said: “Been talking to Mike Zullo. Both the birth certificate and criminal investigations are still ongoing. Sheriff Arpaio is getting close to holding the press conference.” Expectations ran high for something before the November elections. Nothing happened.

In the meantime, local news media in Phoenix tackled Mike Zullo over a $10,000 gift from a source in his investigation. Add to that: the Cold Case Posse web site went dark for the Winter Solstice. Despite birther predictions, no anti-birther has offered to assist the Posse or to obtains its protection.

And to top it all off, Obama Conspiracy Theories ran a series of articles by former Cold Case Posse member Brian Reilly, castigating Zullo for unprofessionalism and erratic behavior.

Joe Arpaio

It wasn’t a progress-filled year for Joe Arpaio either. A recent court decision required Arizona to issue drivers licenses to undocumented persons with deferred action. A number of other anti-immigrant statutes in Arizona have been overturned, and Arpaio himself has said that his department no longer raids work places to find immigrants fake ID’s. Arpaio’s own lawsuit against Obama was dismissed by a federal judge. Just a few more items of bad news for Arpaio:

Orly Taitz


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20 Responses to That was the year that wasn’t: a 2014 retrospective

  1. My god, it’s full of WIN!!

    Merry Christmas to you, Doc, and a Happy New Year!!

    I would only add one item:

    “For the sixth year in a row, neither Dr. Conspiracy nor Foggy were arrested, convicted, or imprisoned for any crime. Moreover, a good friend of Foggy’s was elected District Attorney in his county.”

  2. alg says:

    Need to now add under “Arpaio” his earth-shattering immigration lawsuit loss just decided Tuesday evening:

    Just icing on the cake for a very unproductive year for the birther fraternity.

  3. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    So much fail! =D

  4. Curious George says:

    EPIC Birther FAIL On All Counts in 2014. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  5. bob says:

    Taitz lost some other cases as well; she just didn’t publicize the results.

  6. SterngardF says:

    Taitz wasn’t disbarred. For her that’s a win.

  7. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Taitz lost some other cases as well; she just didn’t publicize the results.

    She ran out of ways to spin getting her ass handed to her, as a victory.

  8. Arthur says:

    Although not directly birther issues, birthers harped on Benghazi and the IRS, claiming Obama was going to be removed from office:

    IRS and Benghazi Scandals Give Birther, Anti-Immigrant Impeach Obama Groups New Legs

    The reality? Fail:

    House Intel Investigation on Benghazi Clears Administration, Intelligence Community of Wrongdoing

    and fail:

    Darrell Issa’s Report Blows Up In His Face and Destroys The IRS Scandal

  9. bob says:

    Another misc. fail: Lucas Smith claimed Kenya was trying to extradite him (for treason, IIRC). When pressed to provide any evidence to substantiate his claim, he couldn’t.

  10. bovril says:

    Since we are talking about our delightful brethren and that which motivates and drives the “leaders”, I give you the Birfoon Prayer, chanted to the cadence of The Lords Prayer (mostly the King James Version, to keep it fundie)

    Our Grift, which art in Internet,
    Dollar be its Name…
    Thy Bigot Come…. Their hate be Spun…
    On Larry as it is on Oily…
    Give us this day our Hellish Birfer Bux and Enhance all our Trespasses
    As we laugh at those who fall for the Zullo,
    For ever and ever,  
    Any Day Now.

  11. Very nice chronicling of another year of Birther epic fail Doc. Now if we could just figure out why over half of the Republican party members want to buy into their nonsense.

  12. Arthur says:

    Reality Check: Now if we could just figure out why over half of the Republican party members want to buy into their nonsense.

    Because it costs them nothing–except the presidency.

  13. HistorianDude says:

    The Vogt / Birther Book “From Forgery to Treason; The Destruction of the United States from Within” also never saw the light of day. Instead, Vogt went dark and Irey fled the country.

  14. Do you know of any confirmation that Irey actually left?

    HistorianDude: Vogt went dark and Irey fled the country.

  15. Items continue to be added to the article.

  16. Arthur says:

    Cowardly Congressman Ted Yoho first supported birthers in 2013 and then weaseled his way out in 2014.

    Nevertheless, this veterinarian-turned-politician was reelected.

  17. ArthurWankspittle says:

    Isn’t Jedi Pauly back in the US now?

  18. ArthurWankspittle:
    Isn’t Jedi Pauly back in the US now?

    Judge Mental at the Fogbow verified he had been released from the detention center where he was being held in England:

    I called Harmondsworth Detention Centre this morning. JP has already been discharged. They did not have access to information as regards whether his ‘discharge’ had taken the form of a deportation or of being granted entry to Uk pending a decision on his asylum claim.

    Someone else found a rambling comment he left at InfoWars on 11/17 but he made no mention of his situation with England. I suspect he is back home in Indiana.

  19. Rickey says:

    Let’s not forget Michael Savage’s claim that Obama was bringing the ebola virus into the U.S. in order to create a national epidemic.

    The hasn’t been a case of ebola diagnosed in the U.S. since October 23.

  20. Dave B. says:

    I feel a song coming on.

    Reality Check: I suspect he is back home in Indiana.

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