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Government interest in this web site?

I frankly do not know how to interpret the following result showing where this site’s visitors come from. Note who is number 1, ahead of the major private Internet service providers. Note also the government of British Columbia farther down.

I am assuming that the larger number of bytes for other providers refers to direct links to large PDF copies court documents here from other sites. A request is access of any file, including a HTML page, a picture or a document. Continue Reading →


Obama Birth Announcement False

…says Mississippi PI in a signed, but not notarized “affidavit.

Mississippi investigator Jorge L. Baro says that he swore (although the notary’s signature is blank) that some unnamed people he hired told him that they had talked to Beatrice Arakaki in Hawaii and that she told them that 47 years ago in 1961 there was no black baby living next door to her at the address in the Sunday Advertiser announcement of Obama’s birth.

6085 <em>circa</em> 1961 - Honolulu Advertiser

#6085 Kalanianaole circa 1961 – Honolulu Advertiser

According to the Honolulu Advertiser, it was practice to get birth announcements from the Health Department via a news service, not from private submissions, as evidenced by that fact that two independent newspapers had the same announcement with the same announcements for other infants before and after. The announcement had to come from the Health Department, via the birth registration. So what gives?  Did they live there or not? It all becomes clear with careful reading and examination of the evidence.

Option A

Let’s assume for a moment that everything that Baro says about the interview is true (but not perhaps complete). Continue Reading →


Andy Martin Boycotts Hawai’i!


Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin

I thought I had seen it all with the citizen grand juries, but just when I thought nuttiness had reached it’s theoretical maximum, in charges Andy Martin announcing his boycott of the entire State of Hawaii, through a new web site: Rather than others distorting the nature of Obama’s birth certificate, it is Martin himself who makes the ridiculous statement that the COLB is a copy of some “other form  of public record” and not a copy of a birth certificate.

I somehow do not think that Andy Martin’s delusions will have any effect on Hawaii’s economy.

The following (taken from the site’s home page) is full of false statements. One of the page header links is to “New Books” which points to Andy Martin’s very much NOT new book. Obama, the Man Behind the Mask, a book which describes itself as a “Bestseller” on the cover, but which readers here know was one of the worst selling of the anti-Obama books.

The International Boycott of Hawai’i:

Barack Obama is serving as the forty-fourth President of the United States.

Hawai’i state officials and school officials control access to the original copies of vital historic records about Obama, including access to his original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate and Punahou School records.

Separately, Obama is also concealing his college and law school records from Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School.

Regrettably, Hawai’i officials have acted more like stooges of a banana republic than custodians of vital records and historical documents involving the birthplace of a president. A Hawai’i court slammed the door shut on a lawsuit seeking legitimate access to these original materials. The Hawai’i Department of Health confirmed an original birth certificate exists, and then refused to disclose the document, in a blatant act of pre-election legerdemain. Continue Reading →


Hollister dismissed, Hemenway reprimanded

Unable to sanction the real culprit in the harassing lawsuit, Hollister v. Obama, Judge Robertson reprimanded attorney Hemenway under whose signature the suit was filed.

The decision left little question who the Judge would have preferred to punish, if that person had had the courage to show up in court. See footnote 4. is now part of the judicial record.

H/t to mimi for the info.



Our Lady Liberty, O’rly?

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

I was privileged to fly into La Guardia airport this afternoon after a breathtaking flight over New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Governor’s Island and the Empire State Building. I got a good view of the Statue of Liberty who beckoned immigrants to the land of liberty in years past.

Now a few hours later, I’m feeling sick to my stomach at what I see at Orly Taitz’s blog: Orly has adopted the name “Lady Liberty”.


What’s he hiding?

What's he hiding?

What’s he hiding?

“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for, ” says Obi Wan Kenobe, using a Jedi mind trick to cloud the mind of the Imperial Storm Troopers in Star Wars Episode IV.

Yesterday Zapem commented over at The Right Side of Life: “Dr. Conspiracy is a known person never to check facts and has done absolutely no research whatsoever.”

Anybody who has spent any time here knows that this is a heavily researched web site. I presume Zapem’s comment is one of those Jedi mind tricks attempting to make folks think that facts they are looking for aren’t here. What’s Zapem trying to hide?

Dr. Conspiracy

Dr. Conspiracy

Thinking back over the hundreds of hours spent on developing this web site, I acknowledge many contributors, both commenters on this web site, and researchers elsewhere. I was not the one who found the US State Department documents that exploded the travel ban to Pakistan myth. I was not the one that found the New York case, Lynch v. Clarke, that opined that citizen parents were not required to be president. I didn’t find Obama’s birth announcement in the Honolulu newspaper and I didn’t find the full version of the grandmother tape. But when I did hear and read these things, I documented them every one before they appeared on this web site. Continue Reading →