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Natural Born Timeline

  • 1712 – South Carolina General Assembly passes law on inheriting property saying that natural born subjects may have alien parents (see Page 92).
  • 1732 – Charter of Georgia declares every one who “happened to be born” in the province and their children born anywhere “natural born subjects”.
  • 1758 – Swiss philosopher Emmerich de Vattel writes a philosophical work, applying the concept of “natural law” to the laws of nations and international relations. De Vattel’s The Law of Nations was an influential work in America, and was considered authoritative in the area of international relations. (De Vattel is cited later in court cases in support of slavery and withholding citizenship from the children of immigrants.) De Vattel describes the natives (or indengnes) as those born in the country of citizen parents.
  • 1787 – John Jay letter to Gen. Washington expresses concern about “foreigners” in the government and suggests that the Commander in Chief be a “natural born citizen.” (underlining in original).
  • 1787 – United States Constitution drafted. The Constitution describes two kinds of citizens: “natural born citizens” in Article II as a qualification for President of the United States and “naturalization” under the enumerated powers of Congress. Continue Reading →

Birth Certificates 101 (Part 1)

A birth at a location is a historical event. All states, according to their laws, register birth events and associated data (parents information, location, date of birth, etc.) about births that occur within its jurisdiction.

States receive birth information in a variety of ways. In the past and still in many states today, birth registration starts with a paper form, signed by someone at a hospital. States register birth events based on these hospital reports, verifying data quality and completeness, accepting, signing and stamping a number (a “state file number” or a “certificate number”). In some states birth registrations are done at the local level, where the record is then forwarded to the State. (This appears to have been the process in Hawaii in the 1960’s.) Continue Reading →


Why doesn’t he show the damn thing?


Birth Certificate Mark I

A visitor to Obama Conspiracy Theories asked:

So Dr. Conspiracy we can encapsulate this whole problem by Obama just releasing his long form birth certificate. Why doesn’t he just do this simple thing and put this to rest once and for all and blow all the conspiracy theorist to pieces but instead he spends a million dollars to hide all of this. I asked my 10 yr. old son and he said the same thing.

This is a very frequently asked question.

First the premise of “millions spent” isn’t true. Mr. Woocher, Obama’s lawyer in California told that he was working pro bono (for free) and that this talk of millions spent is false. Many of the lawsuits aren’t directed at Obama anyway, but at state officials, so no Obama expense there either.

“This suit, like all of the others that have been filed challenging Obama’s qualifications for the Presidency, is frivolous,” he said in an email to POLITICO, adding that he is, in fact, working pro bono. “There is absolutely no truth to the stories about the untold millions supposedly being paid to us,” he said.

Culture of conspiracy: the Birthers –

But it doesn’t really matter how much if anything Obama has spent, because the heart of your question is why won’t Obama release the certificate and “make this all go away”. Continue Reading →


Mass hysteria is not a constitutional crisis

Dr. Conspiracy

Dr. Conspiracy

I visited and commented on this statement I found there:

“Well, it’s not quite as simple as all that and the sooner we can all be satisfied that Obama is or is not a natural born citizen, the better. To postpone that finding for a year or two and then find, conclusively, that Obama is not eligible to serve as president would be disastrous.”

That question was settled the day Congress certified Obama’s election as President. Those of us who eat and breathe this subject have tracked every doubt back to its foundation in — well, its foundation in nothing.

The main piece of evidence Obama was born in  Kenya is a tape recording attested to by a fake-named African con man which if listened to in full to says Obama was born in Hawaii. That’s followed by the incredible fantasy that Hawaii will happily give anybody body anywhere a birth certificate that says they are born in Hawaii (citing laws that didn’t exist at the time, and which don’t say what is claimed). And of course the fake named document expert who signed his affidavit in California “XXXXXXXXXXXX”. Continue Reading →


When is a Certification a Certificate?

How many times have you seen on the Internet a statement about Barack Obama’s birth certificate:

A Certification is not a Certificate

Besides being silly on the face of it, it’s also false if you just look at the document.

Click to enlarge, and look closely at the top AND the bottom.

Certification AND Certificate

Certification AND Certificate


Bates on Citizenship

AG Opinion

AG Opinion

Many say, and perhaps rightly, that the US Supreme Court has never stated what the definition of natural born citizen is and so they conclude that it is necessary for a court to make this decision before the legitimacy of Barack Obama as president can be known.

But, the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency and the definition of natural born citizen has been thoroughly studied by the Abraham Lincoln’s Attorney General way back in 1862, and he rendered his opinion quite clearly and plainly.

United States Attorney General opinions are carefully reasoned statements based on law, and form the basis for practice in the Executive Branch. Unless there is a change in the law or a court ruling to the contrary, these opinions are reliable statements of the law. No court having ruled otherwise, the following opinion is still as valid today as it was in 1862. This means that Barack Obama is the legitimate president of the United States right now. You can all stand down, relax, and get on with your lives. You don’t have to thank me. Continue Reading →