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“Ronald Polarik”

YouTube Photo of Ron Polarik

YouTube Photo of "Ron Polarik"

“Ron Polarik” is the pseudonym of a human being who claims to be an expert in the detection of altered document images. Polarik is mentioned as an expert in the Berg lawsuit and he appears under the further pseudonym XXXXXXXXXXXX in the Alan Keyes lawsuit in Hawaii.[1] Polarik publishes a web site The Greater Evil. Polarik also has a YouTube video.

It’s somewhat difficult to write a biographical sketch of someone who invents himself out of thin air. Polarik creates a history for himself at various times and places. The most comprehensive version is in the Keyes lawsuit, where Polarik claims academic credentials, and indeed, he often signs his name as Ronald Polarik, PhD.

I am Dr. XXXXXXXXXXXX, and I hold a PhD in Instructional Systems with 25+ years of post-doctoral work experience, and a Masters Degree in Educational Research, Design, and Testing. I have worked with computers and computer printers, plotters, and optical/digital scanners, typesetting, offset printing, and automatic typewriters, for over thirty (30) years…In my professional career I have held positions as a Computer Programmer, Web Designer, Media Consultant, Research Director and Statistician. I have testified as a Statistical Expert in Governmental hearings over the last twenty (20) years.

In a later statement this distinguished person said “I’d say that I punk’d you good enough.”

A computer image analysis expert, Dr. Neal Krawetz, has analyzed Polarik’s work and published his results describing Polarik’s analysis as “bad science”.

Why would anyone doubt the word of a US Senator who puts forward a birth certificate, and then turn around and accept an analysis of it from someone who won’t even give his right name?

I suppose the guy behind Ron thinks this is fun, making fake affidavits files in court cases, spouting bad science as if it were real, keeping tens of thousands of people in an uproar. I suppose he is laughing at the people who have bought his phony PhD.  Personally, I think the guy belongs in jail. I hope some prosecutor will figure out a crime that matches his hoax and let “Ronald Polarik, PhD” learn how a real court works.


The Outing of Ronald Polarik

YouTube Photo of Ron Polarik

YouTube Photo of Ron Polarik

I present this rare unretouched photo of Ron Polarik showing the severe facial injuries he received while scanning 700 Hawaiian birth certificates with a scanner (close the freakin’ lid already!). Note Ron’s imaging skills as he provides glare-free lighting for his video presentation.

Reports have surfaced that Polarik (alias XXXXXXXXXXXX) has been identified as none other than the owner of the great mother of all things spun against Obama web site, This assertion appeared yesterday over at Top 10 Bad Guys. I won’t say the name here without more information.

The person behind the Polarik puppet posts from an IP address in or around Longwood FL, as confirmed by several web sites including this one.

Attempts to track down Polarik from his credentials and biographic information have lead exactly nowhere, which suggests that some or all of the biographic information is fake. Given that the name is fake, the signature is fake and the analysis of images is fake, some question remains as why anyone would accept the rest as anything other than fake too.

So I have just two questions before I move on:

Why has Ron Polarik’s Final Analysis disappeared from the web?

and Where is my Cease and Desist order?

[The “Final Analysis” has been replaced by a longer rant at ]


The identity of “Ron Polarik” has been found to be Ronald Polland, PhD of Florida. Dr. Polland is an ardent supporter of Israel, and has no academic credentials in image analysis.


Polarik’s Hawaiian “affidavit”

An affidavit is a sworn and witnessed statement. The Alan Keyes lawsuit in Hawaii had something called an “affidavit” from Ron Polarik (not a real name). Here’s the signature:

Rod Polarik signature

Ron Polarik signature

The first thing it reminded me of was this birth certificate (click for larger image):

Poople Birth Certificate

Poopy Birth Certificate

I had wondered what Ron Polarik would say under oath, but I guess that will have to wait for someone else. Note that someone has questioned whether XXXXXXXXXXXX is Polarik, but one need but read it. What would be the chances that two different forensic document examiners with unusual degrees made 700 test scans to come to a “Final Report”?

A detailed forensic proof that XXXXXXXXXXXX is really Polarik is available at the Barackryphal blog.


Searching in the Age of Obama

Dr. Conspiracy

Dr. Conspiracy

I do a lot of online searching gathering material for use on this web site. Often I use the keyword “Obama.” But sometimes I want general information about birth certificates or constitutional law or lizard people and all I get are hits on Obama conspiracy/citizenship denial web sites. I have to use the negative obama keyword “-obama” before I can find anything.

Here is an example that really got to me. Today I typed in the query: “certificate of hawaiian birth program” and the first web site returned was yours truly, Number 2 was the State of Hawaii’s Certificate of Hawaiian Birth Program page.

That’s just WRONG. (I don’t mean to fault Google. It’s just wrong because Obama conspiracy theories are way out of hand.)

Google results for "certificate of hawaiian birth program"

Google results for “certificate of hawaiian birth program”


The Assassination of Chester A. Arthur

Chester Arthur

Chester Arthur

Obama fringe beliefs center around the meaning of “natural born citizen” (a qualification for the presidency in Article 2 of the U. S. Constitution). One such theory says Barack Obama can’t be president because his father was a British citizen, not an American citizen. Could some other US President have been in the same boat? It turns out that there was one, Chester A. Arthur.

Does this historical precedent settle the argument against citizen-only parentage? No. In a perverse consistency, the the theory claims that Chester A. Arthur wasn’t a legitimate president either, a “usurper” no less. This appears on Leo C. Donofrio’s Natural Born Citizen site.

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Obama Birth Certificate Number proves it’s a fake – busted Original Research

Theory: “Polarik” on the Investigating Obama blog made a statement that piqued my interest being a mathematician and vital statistics expert. Here’s what he said:

The Certificate Number … a CHRONOLOGICAL & SEQUENTIAL INDEX which is assigned on January 1 for the birth year and is incremented each time a birth record is created…

There were about 14,000 births in 1961, and #10,641 [the number on the Barack Obama COLB] is bit low for someone allegedly born on August 4th as far fewer babies are born in the last quarter of the year than the second and third quarters. Continue Reading →