“Ronald Polarik”

YouTube Photo of Ron Polarik

YouTube Photo of "Ron Polarik"

“Ron Polarik” is the pseudonym of a human being who claims to be an expert in the detection of altered document images. Polarik is mentioned as an expert in the Berg lawsuit and he appears under the further pseudonym XXXXXXXXXXXX in the Alan Keyes lawsuit in Hawaii.[1] Polarik publishes a web site The Greater Evil. Polarik also has a YouTube video.

It’s somewhat difficult to write a biographical sketch of someone who invents himself out of thin air. Polarik creates a history for himself at various times and places. The most comprehensive version is in the Keyes lawsuit, where Polarik claims academic credentials, and indeed, he often signs his name as Ronald Polarik, PhD.

I am Dr. XXXXXXXXXXXX, and I hold a PhD in Instructional Systems with 25+ years of post-doctoral work experience, and a Masters Degree in Educational Research, Design, and Testing. I have worked with computers and computer printers, plotters, and optical/digital scanners, typesetting, offset printing, and automatic typewriters, for over thirty (30) years…In my professional career I have held positions as a Computer Programmer, Web Designer, Media Consultant, Research Director and Statistician. I have testified as a Statistical Expert in Governmental hearings over the last twenty (20) years.

In a later statement this distinguished person said “I’d say that I punk’d you good enough.”

A computer image analysis expert, Dr. Neal Krawetz, has analyzed Polarik’s work and published his results describing Polarik’s analysis as “bad science”.

Why would anyone doubt the word of a US Senator who puts forward a birth certificate, and then turn around and accept an analysis of it from someone who won’t even give his right name?

I suppose the guy behind Ron thinks this is fun, making fake affidavits files in court cases, spouting bad science as if it were real, keeping tens of thousands of people in an uproar. I suppose he is laughing at the people who have bought his phony PhD.  Personally, I think the guy belongs in jail. I hope some prosecutor will figure out a crime that matches his hoax and let “Ronald Polarik, PhD” learn how a real court works.

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I am not a real doctor. I have a Master's Degree.
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