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Archive | November, 2009

Cook v. Good appeal dismissed

I guess Orly Taitz has been too busy being a celebrity and cultivating a celebrity driving image to keep her cases going.

Taitz filed a notice of appeal in Cook v. Good, but failed to actually file it, and so her appeal was dismissed:

Pursuant to the 11th Cir.R.42-2(c), this appeal is dismissed for want of prosecution because the appellant failed to file brief and record excerpts within the time fixed by the rules.

Orly’s never been very good about rules. I’m sure the birthers will chalk up another 100 thou in legal fees against Obama’s account.


Handwriting on the wall

[or Slow News Day – Part 2]

No, I’m not writing about the inevitable dismissal of all the birther lawsuits, but rather about the social networking phenomenon Facebook, where birther crusader Orly Taitz collects friends (and sock puppets).

Being a slow news day, and somewhat bored, I dropped by Facebook to check up on some friends of mine, and to see how Orly Taitz is doing.

Orly’s wall is a wonderful compilation of all the bits and pieces that make up the Obama conspiracy milieu. There are 9/11 truthers, Sarah Palin supporters, and fans of the Post and Email blog with the latest birth certificate fantasy. But mostly, it’s fans of Orly Taitz expressing their love for her, and their disdain for the President. There were also a couple of nice family pictures of Orly.

A search on Facebook turns up 18 interest groups, such as “Disbar Orly Taitz” and some I won’t repeat here.

Go take a look if you like that sort of thing.


Slow news day

hawaiiposterIt must be a slow news day — no birther lawyer antics, no court decisions, no new crank theories. The birthers are having to do what I do: recycle.

Today’s recycling comes from The Betrayal blog, with their headline: Two really important links – Breaking news Obama BC. The truth of this story is that it is neither “breaking” nor “news.”

The first link points to a topic on the Free Republic forum, rehashing the well-worn “date filed vs. date accepted” crock:

I have examined a significant number of Certifications of Live Births, issued by your Department. … On the lower left side of all COLBs, except for 1, the “form-words”: “DATE ACCEPTED BY STATE REGISTRAR” were printed. However, on 1 COLB the “form-words”: “DATE FILED BY REGISTRAR” were printed, instead.

This proves, beyond a doubt, that the writer just didn’t look at enough COLB’s! See my article Date Filed v. Date Accepted for another example. But what birthers universally seem unable to understand is that the COLB says that Barack Obama was born in Honolulu. Continue Reading →


Obama Conspiracy Limerick Contest Winner Epectitus!

The Obama Conspiracy Limerick contest is over, and we have a winner. I was very impressed by the number and quality of the entries. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

If it pans out, I will be on Reality Check Radio this Tuesday night (9 PM EST) and will be reading some of the entries.

And the winner is Epectitus with this entry:

Conspiracy theories generic
Require ideas esoteric
And massive infusions
Of wacky delusions
From crackpots like “Dr. Polarik.”


One of mine garnered quite a few votes:

There once was a student from Taft
Whose suits were dismissed 'cause t'were daft;
And then without reason
Accused them of treason
While judges in chambers just laughed.

Here are other popular entries, and favorites of mine.

Let us pray that this fringe gets no bigger
And none set their hands to the trigger
So full of hate
They cannot tolerate
That the voters elected a …


A Philadelphia lawyer named Phil,
an attorney of dubious skill,
Tried to stop one Barack,
with a suit based on crock,
and from there his career went downhill.


A lawyer with an axe to grind,
raved loudly and ranted and whined,
she called the Judge a traitor,
and the tool of a dictator,
and of course in the end she was fined.


She’s frustrated when she debates,
the law she often misstates,
procedure eludes her,
and Charles denudes her,
She’s the birther queen named Orly Taitz.


Though Obama has proved, with finality,
He’s legal and fit in totality,
These Birthers believe
There’s a plot to deceive
(Thus belying their lower mentality).

–Jim Pettit

The Birthers are still filled with hate.
Our First Family just makes them irate.
“But, he has Kenyan kin!”
Crazy theories they spin.
He was born in the 50th state.


Next month, I’m thinking about another poetry contest, but this time using the Double Dactyl form.