Dr. Orly Taitz

Dr. Orly Taitz

Dr. Orly Taitz

Brief Biography

Dr. Orly Taitz is a California attorney and dentist. She, an emigre from the Soviet Union, is said to speak 5 languages. She gained prominence among Obama controversy followers as the attorney of record in Keyes v Bowen, et al. As one of the 180,000 attorneys in California, Dr. Taitz is bound by the California Bar’s Rules of Professional Conduct and the California State Bar Act.

Dr. Taitz is also represented losing vice-presidential Gail Lightfoot and others in a case dismissed without comment by the United States Supreme Court, January 26.

Dr. Taitz is featured on the blog Dr. Orly Taitz Esquire and hosts a YouTube channel, DrOrlyTV. The message on her blog is stridently against Barack Obama as president. She is busily recruiting folks on her web site to file lawsuits, look up real estate records, serve subpoenas for her and write letters to government officials.

Dr. Taitz (on an earlier blog, now closed):

Obama “truth” squad and people like Secretary of State of Ohio Jennifer Brunner and all the others that have been collaborating with this Gestapo-SS establishment, they all should and would be tried in Nurenberg style trials for harassing, intimidating, blackmailing and terrorizing fellow citizens, for defrauding the whole country. Patriots of this country didn’t fight and defeat Nazi Germany to end up with Obamas, McCuskill, Soros, Brunner and the rest of this squad. I hope that the men in this country, particularly in our military will finally revolt against this travesty of Justice. If our government and our elected officials and our judiciary have failed us, then it is time for the new government, new elected officials and a new judiciary.

January 17, 2009

Following is about the only example in the Russian language using Orly’s name:

Левый марш (Матросам)
Глаз ли померкнет орлий?
В старое ль станем пялиться?
у мира на горле
пролетариата пальцы!
Грудью вперед бравой!
Флагами небо оклеивай!
Кто там шагает правой?

Маяковский - 1918

About Dr. Conspiracy

I am not a real doctor. I have a Master's Degree.
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297 Responses to Dr. Orly Taitz

  1. mimi says:


    Good place for Orly Taitz info.

  2. bogus info says:

    It is going to be entertaining to see what this woman comes up with between now and Jan. 20th.

  3. bogus info says:

    Forgot to add, I would pay big money to see the look on her face on the 23rd when SCOTUS denies her case.

  4. Perhaps one our O-Bots patriots in California can carry a concealed camera and get the footage for us.

  5. bogus info says:

    Here is one of Doc Orly’s statements that pretty much says it all.

    “Please, report this to all the media, all of law enforcement, all of governmental officials, particularly Chicago FBI, Patrick Fitzgerald’s office, all of elected officials, Att. General of the US Muke Mukasey. I am deeply concerned why nobody in government and law enforcement is acting. This is such a tremendous danger to the National Security of this whole country. We have no clue who these people are. Their social security numbers are wrong, their birth certificates are sealed and hidden from the citizens of this country. No marriage license for Ann Dunham and BO sr, no burial place, no medical records, no birthing records from any hospital, no coroners reports for the deceased. If the law enforcement and government of this country does not step up to the plate and doesn’t announce official investigation of this matter immediately, we need to protect ourselves, we need civilian militia, we need our own investigating services, we need new government.”

  6. bogus info says:

    I don’t know, this statement by Doc Orly is pretty good too.

    “On January 7 The Chief Justice John Roberts has referred my application to the full court and it will be heard in a conference on Jan 23rd. Please write the Supreme Court and ask them to move the conference for an earlier date, before the inauguration. If 4 out of 9 judges vote to grant the petition, it will go to the next stage -oral argument. If 5 out of 9 vote for the petition, we win the case. I hope that it will go to the oral argument, since the whole country needs to know who this person is, where was he born, what is his citizenship. We can’t have a fraud and an usurper in the White House.”

  7. laughinghysterically says:

    I found this to be quite interesting regarding Orly:

    California law may disagree with the idea that Orly has overstepped no boundaries, I am sure she must be aware of this law, unless she was absent the day they covered it in her online law classes???:

    In California, the elements of a publications of private facts claim are: (1) public disclosure; (2) of a private fact; (3) which would be offensive and objectionable to the reasonable person; and (4) which is not of legitimate public concern. California is notable for also requiring a plaintiff to show that the defendant published private facts “with reckless disregard for the fact that reasonable men would find the invasion highly offensive.” Briscoe v. Reader’s Digest Ass’n, 4 Cal. 3d 529 (1971), overruled on other grounds by Gates v. Discovery Communications, Inc., 101 P.3d 552 (Cal. 2004).


  8. laughinghysterically says:

    Oh, also, Dr. C– how might I get a password to access the O-bot coordination area. Headquarters seems not to have sent mine yet??

  9. There is nothing there.

  10. Just when you thought Orly Taitz had gone too far, she goes farther.

  11. bogus info says:

    Doc Orly likes the limelight as much if not more than Berg does. She certainly has a high opinion of herself.


    Notice the comments section. Suprised the guy named Tim Baker hasn’t been banned. He’s a hoot. I’ve been banned.

  12. bogus info says:

    Robert is back on Doc Orly’s blog. The are planning on censorship there too. Anyone who doesn’t agree with them and their agenda will not be able to post. How patriotic and upholding the Constitution. LOL


  13. This is quoted from the infamous Social Security disclosure article.

    Well somebody with some sense over at Orly? has prevailed that that particular article (whether for the SSN disclosure or the sedition, I don’t know) has been deleted. Score 1 for sanity. If you still want to grab a copy, Google

    “Muke Mukasey” site:drorly.blogspot.com

    and click the “cache” link Google returns.

  14. laughinghysterically says:

    I just saw the “we will soon ban all opposing views so tell us what you think” post, amazingly I was able to respond. I am sure my comments will be deleted and I will be banned soon. If you get banned, you can just go there through a proxy if you are so inclined!

  15. laughinghysterically says:

    Well, SOMEONE has been posting the relevant California Penal Code sections on the Orly site all day, as well as the CA law re: publication of private information and the CA Code of Professional Conduct. 😉


  16. Not meeeeeeeee.

  17. laughinghysterically says:

    LOL…I may know who was behind it…


  18. laughinghysterically says:

    ROTFL! I was kidding…but figured it’d drive the crazies even crazier if they visited here!!

  19. laughinghysterically says:

    a comment over at Orly regarding their new potential “banning/scrubbing” policy for comments. LOL

    Anonymous says:Today, 8:08:49 PM“

    Orly, be proud that mary maxwell (and it seems Robert) are happy to function as your Zampolit! Wow, old habits die hard, don’t they? Shame on you! Way to be a true patriot and fight for the US Constitution and transparency. What a hypocrite you will prove yourself to be if you begin censoring speech and thought on this blog. Very sad. If you choose to censor speech and thought, you are indeed now becoming what you claim to hate!

    Zampolit. It’s not a word you will be familiar with unless you are from a Communist country or have studied Communist politics and military command structures. On a Russian warship, running alongside the usual officer Command structure common to Western nations, was another Officer decidedly uncommon – the Zampolit, the Party’s eyes and ears, as well as the propaganda mouthpiece.

    The Zampolit’s job was to ensure the political purity of thought, word & deed of all personnel on board the ship. I have spoken to people who have experienced it, and they report the Zampolit’s real power as quite frightening. Say the wrong word or make the wrong kind of joke, and you might suddenly receive a transfer notice, or be recalled from active duty to an education centre for retraining’ [OR BE BANNED FROM THIS BLOG!].

  20. No doubt it was a patriotic American.

  21. bogus info says:


    Nope, they aren’t worth the time or effort. These people have two sets of rules, one set for them and another for everyone else.

  22. Dr. Orly’s case. Lightfoot v. Bowman is, as you know, scheduled for conference January 23. There is a very authoritative web site by a law firm that regularly appears before the Supreme Court called the SCOTOS Blog.

    This edition of “Petitions to Watch” features cases up for consideration at the Justices’ private conference on January 23. As always, the list contains the petitions on the Court’s paid docket…deemed to have a reasonable chance of being granted.

    Guess where Lightfoot v. Bowen appears on that list? Nowhere.

  23. bogus info says:


    More “investigations” by Doc Orly and her followers.

  24. bogus info says:

    The above post has been scrubbed/deleted.

  25. bogus info says:

    Wonder if Doc Orly is aware of this website? LOL Was Berg’s case on the list for 1-9-08? Just curious?

  26. bogus info says:

    Answered my own question. Nope! Nice website.

  27. George Orwell III says:

    Hans A. von Spakovsky was a major tool. His special talents appear to be in demand once again.

    A perfect match if there ever was one. 😉

  28. laughinghysterically says:

    Yup, they delete all my comments. Oh well. I try.

  29. laughinghysterically says:

    Yup, seems I have now also been banned. Good riddance. UGH. I think it was my cult comment…hmmm?

  30. The discussion about moderation is as false as everything else over there. They ban and delete with abandon.

  31. bogus info says:

    Looks like Doc Orly’s website is having technical problems or has gone underground.? Or moved. Anybody know. Can’t imagine her not posting tons of articles, reruns right now.

  32. I can think of half a dozen plausible scenarios, but I wouldn’t want to impose my own wishful thinking onto reality without evidence.

  33. bogus info says:

    Did you notice some of her posts/articles are missing/been deleted?

  34. bogus info says:

    Did any of you see 60 minutes?

  35. No, but the videos are online http://www.cbsnews.com/sections/60minutes/main3415.shtml

    Anything in particular?

  36. bogus info says:

    Dr. C.,

    Yes, the article where Doc Orly stated that Stanley Ann Dunham used a fake SS#–Jan. 9th, and the one where Doc Orly posted Stanley Ann Dunham’s SS# application-Jan. 10th. I saved both of them to hard copy. Somebody might want to double check me, but I can’t find them.

  37. Yes, and particular the one mentioning the Washington woman’s SSN, which also had the part where she was soliciting clients who wanted to refuse to obey orders after Jan 20. Anytime something disappears, you can usually find it in the Google cache for a while.

  38. Patrick McKinnion says:

    Yep! I’ve been calling Robert Stevens “Zampolit Stevens” or “Political Officer Stevens” for a few weeks now. He seems to be very into maintaining party line and ideological purity.

  39. laughinghysterically says:

    Credit goes to you Patrick, I did steal your term in my post, I couldn’t resist! Didn’t think you would mind! 🙂

  40. laughinghysterically says:

    I believe some anonymous someone spent all of late Friday evening and most of the day Saturday posting the relevant sections of CA law (both criminal code and civil code with active links) pertaining to Orly’s publication of people’s private information.

    I think that same person maybe was the one posting the relevant CA Rules of Professional Conduct along with the attorney complaints hotline number on her website and the non-emergency number for the police in her area.

    Maybe some anonymous someone (or more) even called the atty complaints hotline? And maybe some anonymous someone called the victims whose private information was posted and shared the relevant CA law with links and the local police non-emergency phone number, who knows?

    Stranger things have happened? I am just speculating, of course.

    This all appears to have possibly coincided with the new moderated comment policy, the likely banning of the anonymous poster, and the lack of new content on the blog.

    VERY CURIOUS, INDEED! That is my theory, anyway.

  41. laughinghysterically says:

    And, I also suspect the anonymous someone I mentioned in my other comment feels these idiots have now seriously crossed a line.

    Maybe that anonymous someone and some others are done suffering these fools silently and are now taking serious action to stop this idiocy once and for all, just maybe?

    Just maybe some anonymous someones have declared war on this stupidity, have tossed down the gauntlet, and are bringing out the big guns, just maybe?

    If that IS the case, I suspect this is a battle Orly and Berg will lose.

  42. laughinghysterically says:

    If anyone can still post over there, someone may want to let them know that as far as some are concerned, playtime is over.

    Starting now, their actions, when those actions are illegal or violate professional codes of conduct, are likely going to come with consequences.

  43. laughinghysterically says:

    By the way, in case anyone might be interested, anonymous complaints can be made to the State Bar of California.

    To make such a compliant one must fill out the complaint form located on the CA State Bar website and MAIL in the complaint. I’d guess it best to also print out pages/posts from the website that seem most egregious and include them as attachments. Also, obviously include the website addy on the written compliant, along with her public atty registration info.

    I encourage anyone who feels that this is an appropriate action to go ahead take such action.

    The compaint form can be found here:


    Orly’s public attorney registration info can be found here for inclusion in the complain if you choose to file one:


  44. Dr. Taitz reads and responds to emails sent to dr_taitz@yahoo.com. Just think twice and hit send once.

  45. laughinghysterically says:


    On second thought, it may be best to simply allow direct and first contact by the CA State Bar or the victims’ counsel, if they have indeed retained counsel.

  46. Tes says:

    According to this afternoon’s posting, “Somebody has esased over a 100 articles from my blog: 39 from Nov. over 60 from Dec. and a few from Jan. Yesterday I couldn’t even get into my blog and that’s not even counting threatrning phone calls to me and my family.”

  47. laughinghysterically says:

    I’d venture a guess she “erased” those herself. So sad she’s had such a fiasco of a weekend! Thank goodness for screenshots and printers. LOL!

  48. laughinghysterically says:

    Personally, if my private info were published on a blog, I might maybe take advantage of that lovely “flag” button that appears on the top of each google blog. That is, if some good samaritan had alerted me (by calling my already published phone number) that my private info were being published.

  49. When I was a teenager, my daddy and a friend of his had a discussion as to whether I knew how to handle myself in a bar fight. My daddy replied that I had sense enough to stay out of bar fights.

    Dr. Taitz broadcast a deeply offensive message to potentially billions of people; she should have expected some strong negative responses. I would never condone threats or site sabotage, but if she’s going to walk into a bar fight, she’d better know how to handle herself.

  50. Heh, well I was banned from one of my own pages today. Our friend Ted had visited the page and received a ban notice. The caching software saved the page and then any subsequent visitor to that particular page got the cached ban instead of the real page.

    That’s fixed now. Ted can now visit the site and read anything he likes, just not post comments. This is the only ban here. The ban was for repeated posting of the same message in multiple places. This is a place for discussion, not broadcasting.

  51. laughinghysterically says:

    I also think any kind of threat or site sabotage is very wrong. I do however, believe that people should be held responsible for their actions, especially when they harm others and potentially violate laws and professional Codes of Conduct that one has sworn to uphold.

    My parents always taught me to stand up for what is right and to hold people (including myself) accountable for their actions!

  52. laughinghysterically says:

    Ted is out of control, and it isn’t as if his messages won’t be seen if they aren’t here. They are posted on every other site out there, multiple times!

  53. laughinghysterically says:

    And, going off the bar fight scenario, one also might also say that, at this point, Ms. Orly has brought a butter knife to a nuclear war.

  54. laughinghysterically says:

    Maybe you should start a “list of banned posters” and place it in the sidebar especially for Ted. Just for the sake of transparency. kinda like when the supermarkets used to put of the lists of folks who they wouldn’t accept checks from, including the bounced check that brought on the ban. I always thought that was so odd!

  55. bogus info says:


    Yes, I would say the two I have she erased herself. LOL

  56. laughinghysterically says:

    She still has the post up with the poor woman’s phone number. I am sure this poor woman is likely getting all manner of harassing and crazy phone calls. This is so disgusting!!!!

  57. Andrew A. Gill says:

    She does indeed.

    Since it’s not my information, I can’t flag the blog, but I really, really want to.

  58. bogus info says:

    “My daddy replied that I had sense enough to stay out of bar fights.”

    Sometimes you get pulled into a “bar fight” by simply being a innocent bystander.

    After all, aren’t we just “innocent bystanders” in this ongoing saga?

    Had it not been the “natural born citizen thing”, they would have found something else. This is not really about NBC–it’s just their cover/excuse IMO.

  59. bogus info says:

    Admiral Mullen was interviewed on 60 Minutes. Admiral Mullen clearly stated that the military is apolitical and that he (Admiral Mullen) will be working for President Obama once he (Obama) is inaugerated. I am quite confident that President-elect Obamas detractors will add Admiral Mullen to their “traitors” list.

  60. laughinghysterically says:

    I would imagine those whose information is published on the site have already flagged her blog (among many other actions I know I’d take) after getting a host of unwanted and crazy phone calls!!!!

  61. bogus info says:

    This is Doc Orly’s latest–read the comment.

    Obama’s social security number was issued in Connecticut?

  62. George Orwell III says:

    The assertion assumes the 3 digit SSN area code that was listed along with the various Obama search results is really Obama’s. There has been no proof that the number given is actually the number issued to Obama. The results showed all sorts of SSN’s along with the rest of the alledged property information.

  63. bogus info says:

    George O., III,

    I agree. Goes without saying anything obtained from Doc Orly’s, Berg’s, etc., etc. website(s) is questionable as to being factual.

    What is your take on the results of “Orly’s search results?”

  64. If the list ever gets past ONE, I may put up a list.

  65. Oh, he must have a wallet FULL of Social Security cards. Probably has to use his Blackberry to keep them all straight.

  66. laughinghysterically says:

    If you go on Orly’s site, click on the “Defend our Freedoms” link below the donate button. Then, on the left of the “Defend Our Freedoms” website, click the Auctions button and you will find the below. All I can say is, WTF is THIS? Note the “sell your livestock” part…really, WTF? I am baffled now!

    And, I am really NOT making this up!

    Defend Our Freedoms
    Want to help out but don’t have money to donate? Defend Our Freedoms has partnered with Breederville.com. By registering at “this link”, you can set up a business store, hold an auction, sell your products and sell livestock while supporting Defend Our Freedoms. Not only do you promote yourself and earn money for your own business; but you earn money for Defend Our Freedoms. Defend Our Freedoms makes money from the Breederville.com auction fees. So you don’t need to do any additional steps.

    Make sure you have a PayPal account and sign up now using “this link”.

  67. Those advertising and fundraising links are, in my view, pretty cheesy. I would never have something like on a web site of mine. All we have on this site is a donation link to the Wikipedia which is the least I can do for them for all the help it has provided in building this site (and I also made a cash donation).

  68. bogus info says:

    I did not realize that this is a “movement”. Gee, where have I been? The crazy thing about this whole thing is that they want to “Restore the Constitution”. What exactly does that mean? Does that mean invalidate all the amendments, laws, codes etc. since the Constitution/Bill of Rights was ratified? Had our founding fathers not realized that the Constitution was meant to grow/change with the country, then they would not have given Congress the power to amend the Constitution or the U.S. Supreme court the power to interpret the Constitution.

  69. When times are hard people look for a scapegoat. Immigrants seem a good target, and to demonize the immigrant, one has to say that everything about them is wrong, and in this case Obama’s mixed citizenship parents and his early international travel make him a target.
    But look at the domain name underneath The Betrayal blog — “Oil for Immigration“. Up top:”Stop Islamization Netherlands]”. This is an anti-immigrant bunch. Following translated from the their anti-Islam home page:

    Like every year awaiting the Muslims at the precise time of beginning [of Ramadan], check out the moon, because their old supermaangod Ilah allah is … Anyway, I think that after sunset, eat, drink and have sex is also a clear indication that Islam based on a primitive oerreligie among other things that take into account the natural elements.

  70. bogus info says:

    Orly is still doing her “searches”. Here is her latest:

    I think her article regarding the “gone missing articles” on her website is just a cover for the two that really did go missing on purpose. LOL Yet, she still has that poor elderly aunt of Obama’s phone # and address posted.

    Doc Orly brings a whole new meaning to the word “investigate.”

  71. meaning: persecute through harassment?

  72. Tes says:

    First, Orly states: “This is one of those situations where simply recognizing the issue immediately provides the correct answer. No legal citations or discussion is necessary. Elementary ethics and common sense are more than sufficient.”

    OK — using the “common sense” approach Orly, advocates:

    The idea that merely because the Supreme Court has a case pending before it in which some person alleges some wrongdoing, or crime, or otherwise against a federal official, the Supreme Court must refuse to swear in that person for federal office is preposterous.

    I haven’t taken the time to delve back through the SCOTUS docket to 2004 or 1996, but I feel fairly confident that at the time Bush was sworn in to his second term, and that at the time Clinton was sworn in to his second term, SCOTUS had at least a few cases before it, probably filed by (creative?bored?crazy?) prisoners or other similarly litigious individuals, accusing Bush/Clinton of various crimes that required removal/disqualification from the Presidency.

    That “situation” – i.e., SCOTUS having such a case before it – is true more often than not.

    Thus, again, to argue that there is some conflict in following Constitutional procedure and participating in the swearing in of a President merely because someone somewhere has filed some claim against the President is – preposterous.
    Second, look at the law that she DOES cite: 28 U.S.C. § 455 (a) Disqualification of justice, judge, or magistrate judge – available at http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/28/usc_sec_28_00000455—-000-.html

    A. That law, by its own express terms, relates specifically to JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS. Quoting now:

    “(d) For the purposes of this section the following words or phrases shall have the meaning indicated:
    (1) “proceeding” includes pretrial, trial, appellate review, or other stages of litigation; …”

    B. The process of administering oaths to other US officials is expressly dealt with in another section – 28 U.S.C. § 459: “Each justice or judge of the United States may administer oaths and affirmations and take acknowledgments.”

    Thus, clearly this process is not a “judicial process” covered by §455, but a separate, administrative process, covered by §459. Notably, there are no limitations on a judge’s ability to administer oaths to individuals.
    Like I said, preposterous 🙂

  73. bogus info says:

    Here is what the clerk Bickle told Dr. Orly:

    “I called at 10:05 the clerk, responsible for stays, Mr. Danny Bickle and asked him about the procedure of filing this request for justices to recluse themselves from the swearing ceremony. Mr. Bickle has told me that I should think very hard about a legal ground for such request, since if it is not there, he will send it right back pursuant to rule 23.3.”

    This would be the rule?

    Rule 23. Stays

    1. A stay may be granted by a Justice as permitted by law.
    2. A party to a judgment sought to be reviewed may present to a Justice an application to stay the enforcement of that judgment. See 28 U. S. C. §2101(f).
    3. An application for a stay shall set out with particularity why the relief sought is not available from any other court or judge. Except in the most extraordinary circumstances, an application for a stay will not be entertained unless the relief requested was first sought in the appropriate court or courts below or from a judge or judges thereof. An application for a stay shall identify the judgment sought to be reviewed and have appended thereto a copy of the order and opinion, if any, and a copy of the order, if any, of the court or judge below denying the relief sought, and shall set out specific reasons why a stay is justified. The form and content of an application for a stay are governed by Rules 22 and 33.2 .
    4. A judge, court, or Justice granting an application for a stay pending review by this Court may condition the stay on the filing of a supersedeas bond having an approved surety or sureties. The bond will be conditioned on the satisfaction of the judgment in full, together with any costs, interest, and damages for delay that may be awarded. If a part of the judgment sought to be reviewed has already been satisfied, or is otherwise secured, the bond may be conditioned on the satisfaction of the part of the judgment not otherwise secured or satisfied, together with costs, interest, and damages.

  74. jazz says:

    That women is a nut-case I hope somone sues her ass for malpractice. *smdh* and she calls herself a “lawyer” what a discrace to the justice department.

  75. bogus info says:

    Doc Orly has been unusually quiet today. Not her usual billion posts/articles. Wonder what’s up doc?

  76. laughinghysterically says:

    Maybe she’s heard from the CA State Bar Association regarding the many complaints that have been filed?

    Or maybe one of the victims of her invasion-of-privacy-fest hired a lawyer?

    Although, it seemed she was on radio shows for the last few days, so, maybe too busy getting in her spotlight time?

  77. Orly has a new legal partner. I’m writing up an article. Later tonight

  78. bogus info says:

    Dr. C.,

    A new legal partner? Why on earth would anybody want to be a legal partner with Dr. Orly???????????????????

  79. Jack says:

    Foreign niggers don’t belong in the White House.

  80. There went our “G” rating.

  81. bogus info says:

    One of the bloggers this morning reported that Doc Orly is encouraging groups of people to go to their local Radio Stations and “demand” to be heard. Doc Orly really likes to use the word “demand.” Perhaps somebody needs to explain to Doc Orly that while people may have the right to go in groups to a Radio Station and “demand” to be heard; that Radio Station which is probably privately owned also has the right to “demand” they vacate the premises and might even call the local police if they do not comply.
    Also, it is being reported that Steve Pidgeon is trying to make a big deal out of President Obama not using a bible when he was sworn into office the second time.(sacred oath and a secular oath.) Perhaps somebody should send Mr. Pidgeon this article:
    Obama Isn’t the First President to Retake Oath — or Forgo Bible

  82. mimi says:

    This was posted in the comments section at Yes to Democracy
    It is reference to the slew of subpoena’s Orly issued.
    Partial quote:
    “Perhaps she should have read F.B.I v. Superior Court of the State of California, 507 F.Supp.2d 1082 (N.D. Cal. 2007). A state court cannot command a federal agency to produce documents, as the federal is shielded by sovereign immunity.”
    I don’t know. I can’t check on that. Interesting though.
    Also, same article includes this: “at least one Secretary of State is now seeking court costs on a dismissed Birther case. ”
    I didn’t know about that? Who is that?

  83. bogus info says:


    ”at least one Secretary of State is now seeking court costs on a dismissed Birther case. ”

    The article regarding this is posted here under “Take Responsibility For Your Actions”.

  84. mimi says:

    Yes, I see now. Ohio SOS Jennifer Brunner. Set up a website, of course.

  85. bogus info says:

    Dr. C., What is Doc Orly up to now? Have you been to The Betrayal blog lately? http://www.oilforimmigration.org/facts/?p=861 Urgent -Dr.Orly Taitz needs our assistance

  86. I’ve been out with the wife hiking the nature trail. Orly can stew in her own juice for a while.

  87. Here’s a bit of Orly for you…

    Today Orly put out a feature article about the book: Where Have All the Leaders Gone? by Lee Iacocca. She says: “Now he’s written this book and it looks like a good one.”

    Lee Iacocca Says:
    ‘Am I the only guy in this country who’s fed up with what’s happening? Where the hell is our outrage? We should be screaming bloody murder!

    One might think Iacocca was commenting on the situation today, but his book was published in 2007.

  88. Here’s a very bad one fom Orly

    “I’m trying to get in touch with a woman that posted on Citizen Wells that her husband is a clerk for SCOTUS…”

    Wow! I cannot think of any scenario where this doesn’t lead to big trouble. Of course, nine’ll get you ten that the Citizen Wells post is fake.

  89. bogus info says:

    Dr. C.,

    Very smart of you. LOL Pretty day? Colder than a frog here.

  90. bogus info says:

    Why would Doc Orly want to be contacting a SCOTUS Clerk??? Not for any reason that is “above board” in my opinion. Doesn’t she even see how she is not only putting herself in a bad light but also the SCOTUS clerk IF she were to make contact. My opinion of this woman was already bad and it just got worse. You just don’t ethically do stuff like this. Here is the article where she literally implies that the U.S. Supreme Court Justices made some kind of deal with President Obama.


    A Natural Born Citizen…Orly?

    Saturday, January 24, 2009

    Important Defend our Freedoms convention

    This woman is absolutely crazy as a stomped road runner.

  91. Cloudy, but mild. Saw an endangered plant species, which was special.

  92. bogus info says:

    Evidently the docket on her case is showing dismissed???? Did she actually think it wouldn’t be dismissed? Duh!

    e-mail from a patriot – Please your suggestions and advises

  93. bogus info says:

    Sounds like a enjoyable day and relaxing too.

    You know, I don’t mean this to be ugly, but based upon Doc Orly’s posts, I’m beginning to think this woman might be mentally unbalanced. Anybody else get that feeling?

    Another odd thing, if she’s got a inside track to U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald as she has implied, why doesn’t she just ask him to get President Obama’s records. After all, isn’t whe “working with him?”

  94. bogus info says:

    “There is documentation that is available; however, if you dig a little deeper into this issue, Barry Soetoro/Barak Obama has managed to BLOCK access to any documentation while spending $800 million and 3 law firms, to do so.
    You must ask yourself WHY? ”

    Gee, President Obama’s legal fees just jumped to $800 million. Have you ever seen any documentation to back up this allegation or any documentation to back up the 3 law firms? I haven’t. What I must ask myself is “where is your evidence/proof”of your allegations?

  95. (Assuming thousand rather than million) that’s actually a decrease from $2.1 million made up elsewhere. Reports I’ve seen elsewhere put the amount around $15,000 and that was to defend against a laundry list of crimes alleged by Berg. Unfortunately, Obama will have to pay some more as Berg’s appeal to the 3rd District Court of Appeals comes up. Somehow on appeal, the list of defendants in Berg v. Obama has increased to include the Senate Commission on Rules and Administration and Dianne Feinstein who is Chairman of the Senate Commission on Rules and Administration.

    According to Google, outside of Berg’s Lawsuit, the Senate Commission on Rules and Administration doesn’t exist on any web site in the world. Search for “Senate Commission on Rules and Administration” -Berg.

    As long as he’s adding imaginary folk, he might as well put Dudley Do Right in, for signing that birth certificate he mentioned in the original suit.

  96. I don’t see any “dismissed” on the Supreme Court docket. I did a Google search for lightfoot bowen site:scotusblog.com and didn’t get a single hit. I guess this case isn’t generating any interest (unlike many other cases). Berg v. Obama did warrant a hit, though.

    In a brief order, the Court, as expected, turned aside a New Jersey voter’s plea for the Court to determine if President-elect Barack Obama was qualified to run for the White House — that is whether he was a “natural born citizen.” The stay application came in the case of Donofrio v. Wells, Secretary of State of New Jersey (08A407). This marked the second time in recent weeks for the Court to turn aside such a challenge; the first came on Nov. 3, in Berg v. Obama (08A391). The Court, in neither instance, gave reasons for turning down the applications. In neither case did the Court seek a reponse, thus indicating it had little interest in either or had found them to be completely without merit.

  97. bogus info says:

    Dr. C.,

    Nope, it was 8M in the article–LOL. Obama hasn’t spent alot on Berg’s–yet. I hadn’t looked at what he had filed in the District? court–does it have the “new evidence” that Linda Starr touted? What about the one that is “sealed”? Why does the SCOTUS still have Donofrio/Wrotnowski/Scheneller/Berg still on the docket? They have all been denied. I know for a fact that Donofrio/Wrotnowski are not “procedurally active.” I do not count the lawsuits to be 31.

  98. bogus info says:

    I take great delight in reading Doc Orly’s posts. Here is a recent one:

    Would you like to write to AP management about their writer Liz Sidoti
    Excerpt: “I hope you write to AP management and board of directors and demand that they employ reporters with higher IQ and higher level of journalistic integrity.”

    There is that word “demand” again. Just for fun, I’m going to start keeping up with how often Doc Orly uses the word “demand”.

  99. bogus info says:

    Dr. C.,

    This is the post that was deleted on The Betrayal Blog for security reasons. Can you obtain it?

    e-mail from a patriot – Please your suggestions and advises

  100. Kelly says:

    Who let Jack out of his cage?

  101. Off Orly’s blog today:

    The Justices of the Supreme Court travel around the Country all the time and give lectures and sell their books. Please, let me know, when those justices come to your area. Either I will come or you have to demand answers from them: Why didn’t they forward from the conference to the open court argument my case Lightfoot v Bowen? or any other cases on this issue? Don ‘t they think legitimacy of president is as important as litigation on light cigarettes. American citizens deserve a clear answer from them, why didn’t they hear the case and what will it take for them to hear the case in open court and subpoena Obama’s records. If you have a date and time, call me

    Secret Service: are you listening?

  102. Seen on Twitter:

    Orly is so far over the line that I think she circled the globe and started over again. She’s endorsing:


  103. NBC says:

    Did Orly just prejudice Scalia from hearing her case? If I were a lawyer for the opposite side, I would surely inquire as to Scalia meeting with Orly and being ‘briefed’ with the actual materials, outside of court.
    Does Orly even realize that she is undermining her case better than any opposing counsel ever could?
    I am amazed…

  104. Bob says:

    I’m sure she would argue the what’s-good-for-the-goose defense (if Obama can meet with SCOTUS, why can’t I?).

  105. NBC says:

    Sure, but this is a direct lawyer justice contact about the filing of a suit in front of the Justice in question.

    In Orly’s case, Obama was not even a defendant, it was Lightfoot v Bowen…

  106. Bob says:


  107. IT WORKED!

  108. Bob says:

    “Details!” as in, “Petty distictions matter not!”

  109. mimi says:

    I think it was the document using the words “son of the soil” they were all worked up about.

  110. Bob says:

    Taitz’s unintentional irony is so amusing. She stalked him while he was signing his book, Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges.

  111. Expelliarmus says:

    Yeah, he’ll have to put out a revised version of the book with an added chapter: “What Not to Do”

  112. Now she’s ambushed Justice Roberts.

  113. There are some really rich moments in this business.

    I ran across a forum post titled “Will a Russian Bring Obama Down?” It has a typical Orly Taitz rant there and at the end a brief biography of Orly Taitz. I wonder where they got bio? Talk about doing a “double take!” They got it from here! Including my snide little remark about California Bar rules!

  114. I found a rather remarkable “anti-biography” of Orly Taitz in this thread at City-Data. Scroll down to the message by hcgCali here:


    So there you have it,Trugritt, your hero gal is looks an illegal alien Communist tax cheat gypsy con artist. Unless you produce the birth certificate, immigration and naturalization papers, LSAT score, school records and transcripts, charitable foundation license for “Defend Our Freedoms Foundation” and billing records for all her Obama lawsuits you have no business posting any so-called “news” about this woman and her looney adventures, which is just your ploy to get people to click your links to her website so she can proclaim increased viewership.

    Definitely worth a click.

  115. meson says:

    hcgCali is a wonderful obot who certainly seems to be quite knowledgeable. TRUEGRITT promised to leave that b/c thread if the YES vote ended up less than 25% in 30 days, I forget exactly what date s/he made that statement bit it must be getting close to the deadline and the YES vote stands at 35.51% currently …TRUEGRITT is a total jerk!

  116. Eagles Nest says:

    Ambushed? why the hell aren’t you defenders of freedom pissed that a law clerk kept a case from review? You liberals should be called restrictionists. Your kidnapping of language will end soon. You are the laughing stock of the world now after G20.

  117. “Law clerk kept a case from review?”

    Are you referring to one of Orly’s Supreme Court fantasies? Surely you must know that Orly Taitz makes this stuff as she goes a long.

  118. myson says:

    Would be so kind & refer us here to where anyone other than where you con feel Obama became a laughing stock ?
    Pratically every newspaper or news cast show, in Europe & the rest of the world say Obama’s visit was VERY well recieved

  119. Alfonso Barrs says:

    TUE JUN 23, 2009

    Hearing set on default in Obama eligibility case

    Looks like Obama is in default of the Constitution of the United States of America because he was served prior to his continuing with the inauguration ceremony. Essentially he ignored a legal preceding. He should have been, like ordinary citizens, jailed until he provided the documentation demanded by the Constitution of the USA…

    Best of success to Doctor Taitz!!!
    We FREEDOM LOVING citizens of the United States of America are with you. We do not want another Soviet style country in our homeland…the USA!!!!!!!!

    Al Barrs, Retired
    Greenwood, FL

  120. Epectitus says:

    Alas…. it appears that Obama cannot be in default, because Obama was never served in the first place.

  121. thisoldhippie says:

    Private citizens can be served by 1) personal service; 2) upon an adult resident of the same household; 3) by publication when approved by the court. President Obama was not served by any of the following procedures, therefore, he is not in default. The hearing is a motion hearing for the judges to hear “attorney” Orly Taitz explain why President Obama should be considered in default. He, nor his attorneys, have to be there.

  122. Heavy says:

    Really? How do you know?

  123. thisoldhippie says:

    Heavy – from Orly’s own website – a description of the service:

    The June 2, 2009, affidavit of Mary Ann McKiernan also specified and set forth in detail the names of the persons served and the history of Mary Ann McKiernan’s diligent efforts to serve the lead Defendant on February 10, 2009 at several different addresses in Washington, D.C.. Mary Ann McKiernan specifically stated that she had served “a male Mail clerk” who “came out and took the papers” on behalf of the United States Department of Justice, which was the officer to which the White House Legal Counsel had referred the process servers.

    The name of this male Mail Clerk officer was not made available to the process server and could not be entered on the proof of service. However, the process server’s detail of due diligence seems irrefutable and fully consistent with the purpose and provisions of Rule 4(e).

    The full text of Rule 4(e) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure state as follows:

    (e) Serving an Individual Within a Judicial District of the United States. Unless federal law provides otherwise, an individual–other than a minor, an incompetent person, or a person whose waiver has been filed–may be served in a judicial district of the United States by:
    (1) following state law for serving a summons in an action brought in courts of general jurisdiction in the state where the district court is located or where service is made; or

    (2) doing any of the following:

    (A) delivering a copy of the summons and of the complaint to the individual personally;

    (B) leaving a copy of each at the individual’s dwelling or usual place of abode with someone of suitable age and discretion who resides there; or

    (C) delivering a copy of each to an agent authorized by appointment or by law to receive service of process.

    A, B, nor C were accomplished by leaving the papers with an unnamed mail clerk. An agent authorized BY APPOINTMENT OR LAW is called a Registered Agent of Service and can be found on the secretary of state’s website, usually, for the state in which that service is being perfected. Leaving service copies with a receptionist, a mail clerk, or a security guard is not considered “good” service and can result in your case being dismissed.

  124. Heavy says:

    Looks like your BOY has a problem on his hands.


  125. thisoldhippie says:

    This article is simply re-hashing the BS that Ms Taitz spews on a regular basis. The hearing is to determine the outcome of her motion to find the Plaintiff in Default. Even if the court were to grant the motion – they could then allow the Defendant to open the default and file an answer. However, I predict that the court will instead find that Ms Taitz’ service was inadequate and the default will not be granted and in fact they may dismiss her case on the basis that she failed to perfect service in a timely manner.

  126. Heavy says:

    There is no doubt that the “Court” will rule against Orly. They always do. The point is that this issue will NOT go away.

    As a matter of fact, it gaining momentum and cannot be ignored.

  127. thisoldhippie says:

    They always rule against her because she doesn’t know what she is doing.

  128. Heavy says:

    I agree. I am no fan. The point remains that there is no such thing as bad publicity. The more this issue is in the public eye, the better.

    The public is just starting to see the information that has been hidden from them by your messiah and his disciples, the MSM.

  129. Bob says:

    I predict that the court will instead find that Ms Taitz’ service was inadequate and the default will not be granted and in fact they may dismiss her case on the basis that she failed to perfect service in a timely manner.

    Agreed. Taitz, however, appears to believe default will be granted.

  130. thisoldhippie says:

    Taitz always thinks she should win and when she doesn’t she screams conspiracy against her. This filing of numerous lawsuits, motions, etc just to see what sticks is an abuse of the legal system and she should have sanctions levied against her.

  131. NBC says:

    The public is just starting to see the information that has been hidden from them by your messiah and his disciples, the MSM.

    Worldnet daily has been publishing these articles with little impact. Publicity is not going well for the birthers.

  132. Bob says:

    Dr. C. should have a writing contest. Participants will write, prior to July 13, the blog entry that Taitz will post after the July 13 hearing.

    Points will be awarded for accuracy in style and in predicting the outcome of the hearing.

  133. thisoldhippie says:

    Oh, Bob – I don’t think that I could write that badly even if I were trying!

  134. NBC says:

    Haha… Funny how the facts are at odds with the hopes and dreams. Since Orly failed to properly serve Obama, there is no motion for default to be considered. Orly will have to sue appropriate service or July 13 will become her Waterloo instead of the storming of the Bastille 😉

  135. NBC says:

    Not really. The hearing is all about Orly’s failures to properly serve the defendants. The judge is going to rule, unless Orly can properly serve, that the case has to be dismissed due to procedural failures. Of course, if Orly were to finally serve the defendants properly, the clock would start for them to respond. But then Orly does not get her ‘default’. Furthermore, given the poor foundation of her lawsuit, an executive order which does not apply, even a default would not help her since the judge would still throw out the suit.

    Funny how Orly and WND manage to put a positive spin on the continued failures. I guess, lacking any real victory, anything does the trick?

  136. Heavy says:

    Hey, you’re awake!

    Oh, the irony!

  137. thisoldhippie says:

    But NBC – it’s not a failure – it’s a conspiracy. Obama has either 1. bought the judges off or 2. threatened them. Didn’t you KNOW that? Can’t you SEE that??

  138. NBC says:

    Imitation is the best form of flattery my friend. For that I thank you.

    So what would you call a failure to effect service?

  139. NBC says:

    Because Orly has given the evidence? Do you remember when she posted how her ‘server’ had tried to drop off the summons with the Whitehouse, but instead dropped it off with an unnamed mail clerk at the Department of Justice?

    What a riot..

  140. Heavy says:

    I don’t really give a rat’s behind about Orly or anyone else. It’s about the publicity, my friend. The groundswell will be undeniable and the issue will be dealt with. That’s all I care about.

    There is a difference between imitation and mockery. YOU were just mocked! If that pleases you, then God bless.

  141. Expelliarmus says:

    Looks like Obama is in default of the Constitution of the United States of America because he was served prior to his continuing with the inauguration ceremony.

    Orly’s lawsuit was not even filed until 6 hours after Obama had already been sworn in.

    It was never properly served, and it was improperly “served” (by leaving it with some random mail clerk at the US Dept. of Justice) some time in mid-February.

  142. No matter how one slices it, the service of the complaint was bungled. If suing Obama as a government official, the service should have been to the US Attorney and if as a private individual to Obama himself (or his attorney). Neither happened.

    Service does not consist of someone handing some papers to an unnamed male (mail?) clerk and saying “tag, you’re it”.

  143. I’m trying to revive my physics to see how something can be both gaining momentum and going nowhere. About the only way that can happen is if one is spinning in one place.

    I don’t agree that no publicity is bad publicity. If I did, then this web site wouldn’t exist! Someone, for example, looked at the Docket page here, and commented to me that the LONG LIST of denied cases confirmed to him that they were going nowhere. Every time I can turn a case from Green to Red, the more discouraging the news is for those who still believe in a legal route to unseat the president. I cannot look at that page, and see anything vaguely looking like momentum.

  144. Heavy says:

    Doc you admitted, just yesterday, that you do not spend much time in the “Real” world. How can you claim to know what is going on there?

    Despite the efforts of America haters, such as yourself, this issue is catching fire and it will consume all those who try to douse it.

    You ceratinly cannot assess momoentum based on the liberal scum who dwell here. So, keep your head in the sand and leave the rest to us!

  145. Heavy: “Despite the efforts of America haters, such as yourself”

    I consider myself a defender of my country and its institutions, against the insane mob seeking to tear it down. For something to catch file, there must be fuel to burn. There aren’t enough nutcases in the country to maintain a fire.

    My take is that Obama denialism peaked last March, and is in decline. All that birthers have to look forward to is the balance of the lawsuits being denied. Do you doubt that all will be denied eventually? So where is the spark coming from to re-ignite the movement? What is the precipitating event? Where is the smoking gun? There is nothing on the horizon; there is no hope for the denialists. The denialist movement is like a chicken with its head cut off, still flopping around in circles before collapsing on the ground.

    Heavy, you have yelled “fire” so many times that you cannot expect anyone to take you seriously. The same is true of the rest of the birther movement. Claims and hype, and no results. What document have you gotten that you demanded? What case have you filed that got past dismissal? Has not the Supreme Court now invoked a rule about frivolous cases? Who in the mainstream media has been won over? What progress have you made? The answer is “none” on all counts.

    You may argue that the number of people who are aware of the birther disease has increased, but that doesn’t imply sympathy. Pity is the more appropriate response.

  146. Heavy says:

    Wow, doc! You need to get out more. The only thing that is like a chicken with it’s head cut off is this country, unfortunately.

    You are a defender of the illegitimate. Nothing else. But it’s fun to watch you try. I do consider you or anyone else who supports this illegal a traitor, plain and simple. That does not mean I don’t like you. You’re a smart guy. I think you just grew up in an era of unbridled lust, and a drug induced hatred for this country with no consequences for your actions.

  147. Mark says:

    I know, I know, don’t feed the trolls. But this Heavy guy can actually spell!

    No Federal Judge is going to declare that Obama is not President. The US Congress and the US Supreme Court upheld the election.

    Now, who is the traitor?

    Cieze and Desist.

  148. thisoldhippie says:

    Wow, Heavy, bigoted much? I support President Obama and I can assure you that I do not have a drug induced hatred for this country and I strongly support consequences for a person’s actions. Therefore, I completely believe that these attorneys who file frivilous lawsuits based in fiction and the “citizens grand juries” are in fact the traitors of this country and are advocating treason and anarchy.

  149. Bob says:

    All that birthers have to look forward to is the balance of the lawsuits being denied.

    And Berg v. Taitz, of course.

  150. Berg v. Taitz is odd because of the fact that (it seems to me) that it is really a group of unrelated lawsuits bundled together. I don’t know what to make of the Liberi v. Taitz part, and I really don’t want to comment on it because I really don’t know whether Liberi is everything Orly says, or pure as the new fallen snow. But the Ostella v Taitz part is something I have watched a little more closely and researched and probed. Orly is, in my mind, clearly in the wrong on that one. I won’t try to sort out the legal issues, because I’m not qualified, and I can’t say whether Times v. Sullivan applies, but it looks to me like Orly vented her hysterical conspiracy-centered fantasies to the detriment of Lisa Ostella and I think there should be consequences.

    As a juror, though, I would be sympathetic to a plea of insanity.

  151. June bug says:

    So, first on Orly’s website, the WND article quotes her:

    “I have a very clear case,” Taitz said. “I think they dropped the ball. They didn’t figure out this case filed on Jan. 20th, on the day of inauguration.”

    Very interesting that above the article (meaning newer) is the following appeal:

    “I need Amicus Curiae, showing that 4E was a proper form of service on 01.20.09. for pres as an individual, please work on it.”

    Gee, why would she need an Amicus Curiae brief when she has “a very clear case” and “they dropped the ball”? Could our good dentist be panicking, perhaps?

  152. 4E doesn’t help her. She didn’t serve the president, period.

  153. Heavy says:

    You may, very well, be correct. No judge, so far, has had the balls to uphold the law.

    Mark, are you from this country? I ask because some people who are not have never seen what happens when the legal system REFUSES to mete out justice. The people take the law into their own hands. It can get messy for awhile, but it is HIGHLY effective and LEGAL!

  154. Heavy says:

    Hey hippie, you are a product of a time that encouraged and even rewarded drug induced anti American actions. YES YOU ARE!

  155. NBC says:

    Ah, the good old personal attacks when reason and logic are absent.
    The stages of recovery are quite predictable.

  156. NBC says:

    The people take the law into their own hands. It can get messy for awhile, but it is HIGHLY effective and LEGAL!

    It neither is effective nor legal, although some have ‘convinced themselves otherwise’. It’s when fact reason and logic is not on one’s side that one has to resort to these methods.
    But Heavy had rather have the legal system violate the constitution in order to satisfy his dreams.

  157. You are referring to lynch mobs? It certainly sounds like it.

    You might want to read up on the Regulators, a vigilante movement in colonial South Carolina history, a citizens group that arose in response to judicial failure and rampant lawlessness. They eventually became as bad or worse than the criminals they were after. When citizens become a law unto themselves, then they are not subject to any law, and that leads quickly to brutality and tyranny.

  158. Heavy says:

    I’m not talking about any Oxbow Incident stuff, doc. I talking about en masse.

  159. NBC says:

    I talking about en masse? Have you considered talking in English?

  160. Jeff R says:

    Did anyone notice the oopsy! in this post by Orly?

    “Update MI
    June 23rd, 2009
    Liaison for the state of Michigan is Chris Jones 810-355-6166 kingredfish@yahoo.com We need to get in touch with Senator Carl Levin (R). congressmen Mike Rogers and David Camp. Please call Chris, to build a platform in MI”

  161. thisoldhippie says:

    Heavy, you do not know me in any form or fashion and are strictly assuming an identity for me based on my screen name. As usual you are showing that birthers assume many things without evidence of same. You do not know my age, where I was raised or how I was raised. Therefore, you have shown your ignorance by declaring an untruth. Pretty much sums up everything you say about President Obama not being eligible.

  162. Heavy says:

    Hipster, I do not represent “Birthers” or any other group you wish to lump me into. No, I do NOT know you, but I have seen your thoughts represented here. That is what I base my assertions upon. Now, WHO is the ignorant one? That would be YOU!

  163. nbc says:

    Now, WHO is the ignorant one? That would be YOU!

    Are you not accusing people with whom you disagree of being liberals?
    Say it isn’t true my dear friend…

  164. Heavy says:

    en masse; in a mass; all together; as a group

    Or are you speaking of my omission of ‘m?

    Either way you are showing your ignorance.

    Oh the irony!

  165. Heavy says:

    It’s NOT an accusation. It’s a statement of FACT!

  166. thisoldhippie says:

    What is the old saying about a man (or woman) who represents himself in a court of law has a fool for an attorney? I believe after reading Taitz’ most recent pleading that she is the epitome of that old adage.


  167. thisoldhippie says:

    Pot calling kettle black?

    16. Lisa Liberi has (in California Courts) demonstrated a pattern of filing frivolous legal actions and motions, having filed groundless actions against police officers, district attorney, the judge and the county solely to obtain leverage in her own criminal actions, or for other improper purposes.

  168. Bob says:

    “Her” response (I suspect a ghostwriter) is decent; downright impressive in comparison to her other filings.

  169. Ah but which Lisa Liberi?

  170. It has been speculated that Mr. Leonard Daneman is helping her. http://paralegalnm.wordpress.com/

  171. karl anglin says:

    I thank God that Dr Orly Taitz has had
    the courage to stand up and defend the
    United States Constitution. An actual
    certificate of birth must be produced
    so that the American people know that
    their President is legally qualified
    to serve in the White House.

  172. Bob says:

    Have you not seen the COLB?

  173. thisoldhippie says:

    MORE SEDITION? From Orly’s site

    July 15, 2009

    Dear Dr. Taitz,

    What legal steps do we take to form a sworn and deputized lawful committee to go to Washington DC to arrest and confine for trial all those who are violating the oaths they have taken to the Constitution of the United States? This would include any elected or appointed person for which we can obtain and have warrants.

    Thank you for your contributions to the integrity of our nation and its laws.

    Jerry D Kidd

  174. dunstvangeet says:

    Gotta love this. They’ll be arrested for Kidnapping and Confinement of Federal Judges, members of Congress, and the President. Wonder how long that’ll be in jail.

  175. Bob says:

    von Braun is an expert on this subject….

  176. Love my GUNS says:

    Lets hope she can get obama out of office seems she is the only one who cares you might like californias debt 49 states dont you keep it and lets not let obama do this to the rest of the nation never mind its too late already can you third world how about new world disorder might as well get used to it were going to live it!!!!!

  177. thisoldhippie says:

    I would say “WTF???” But this is too confusing even for that!

  178. kimba says:

    There’s no literacy test to use the toobz.

  179. Hey Karl!

    You can say that over here. You can’t say the opposite over on Orly’s site.

  180. Col. Hogan says:

    Attorney, Dentist, and Real Estate Agent. Now all she has to do is start selling ice- creme from the back of a truck. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I’ll bet she can drive a taxicab too.

  181. Harley Oberhelman says:

    Orly Taitz is the laughing stock of the media. Her ideas are simply absolute stupidity.Anyone born in the United States is automatically a US citizen.
    She should shut up and no longer poison the internet.

  182. Vlad says:

    she is nuts!

  183. Jerome Budanh says:

    Orly Taitz is not the laughing stock of the media. Her ideas are not absolute stupidity. The issue is whether Obama was born in the United States. She should not shut up and she is not poisoning the internet. [There you go, Harley, ole boy, the evidentiary record is now in equipoise. Got any other empty, self-serving comments to add?]

  184. Jerome Budanh says:

    “She is not nuts.” The argumentative ball’s back on the 50, Vlad. Got any other vapid mutterings to offer?

  185. dunstvangeet says:

    And he was born in the United States. Or are you calling the entire state of Hawaii liars?

  186. dunstvangeet says:

    She is nuts. Loony!

    She may be doing this just for the money to support herself as she files these suits that she knows are not going anywhere. In that case, she’s Crazy… Like a Fox!

  187. thisoldhippie says:

    I would say she is an opportunist and her followers are delusional.

  188. thisoldhippie says:

    OMG! That’s all I can say.

    For she is our lady liberty

    fighting against the forces of tyranny

    Call her name and she will answer the call

    she is justice and liberty for all

    Armed with her Constitution in her hand

    she will search to bring truth to this land

    In the name of freedom she shall never surrender

    till her patriotic death she is a defender

    By the light of her passionate fire

    She will expose the lies that darken this empire

    you can pretend to be an American mind

    but through it all the truth she will find

    Your day is coming and you will fall

    and once again justice shall stand tall

    she is our hope,our justice,our liberty

    God bless that lovely lady Orly’s

  189. No, the question is not where Barack Obama was born. There is ample evidence (as thought the birth certificate was not enough) to prove that. The question is why people persist to ignore the evidence.

  190. matt says:

    see, it’s clear she’s appealing to the right wing fringe. just read the rambling comment above mine, for an example. seems to me that she’s trying to incite violence within these groups. I wonder who she’s working for? Follow the money, as they say.

  191. Brett says:

    Okay… so, she’s openly calling for people in the military to commit treason based on her batshit crazy (and thoroughly disproven) claims.

    At what point can the bitch be arrested? Or does she actually have to tell someone to shoot at him before someone finally tosses her sorry ass in a deep dark hole?

  192. Alex says:

    She might want to gain some credibility first, for example by proving that a man never landed on the Moon. Having accomplished that, she could move to the issue of Obama’s place of birth!

  193. Turner Martin says:

    Hahaha – I love sketch comedy. Is this Andy Kaufmann?

  194. thisoldhippie says:

    Where does she get her percentages?

    Advertisers to call or How to start the Second American Revolution
    July 25th, 2009
    Please call the advertisers, whose products are sold on CNN, MSNBC and FOX and other alphabet channels and demand that they pull their advertising dollars until those network provide truthful information about Obama’s illegitimacy for presidency and demand to unseal his vital records. Demand to fire Kitty Pilgrim, Keith Oltberman, Chris Matthews, Geraldo Rivera, John Stewart for insulting 85% of American citizens, who demand to unseal Obama’s records (according to AOL). If those companies don’t pull their advertising dollars, please boycott their products.

    We could do without the British tea during the First American revolution, we can do without Chinese junk during the Second American revolution

  195. thisoldhippie says:

    Did you see where Ms Taitz is going to be on the Colbert Report next Tuesday night??

  196. I am trying to calm down. I am really trying to calm down.

  197. thisoldhippie says:

    She has announced it and it is all over her blog and PR, but on the Colbert Report site it says Ariana Huffington. Now, this is going to be absolutely great if he has Orly on there and then Ariana as his special guest. I am SO excited!!

  198. Expelliarmus says:

    I think she’s taping a segment for broadcast later, not appearing as a “live” guest during the taping of the regular show. (Colbert and The Daily Show are not broadcast live, but they do tape daily in front of a live studio audience — but various parts of their respective shows are already on tape & done at a previous time).

    So they will probably sit down with Orly and let her talk for 20 or 30 minutes and then select their favorite bits for broadcast as a 3 minute segment. Which does not bode well for Orly.

  199. marvin says:

    You nutbags should provide proof that you’re not all kitten-eating aliens from the planet Zorg.
    Really, what rock do you crawl out from under?

  200. thisoldhippie says:

    And her minions know this – at least most of them do – but she is oblivious. At Plains Radio there are many who believe she will decimate Stephen Colbert with her gift of words (???) and the truth! Oh, I can’t wait to watch tomorrow night.

  201. John Paul Telhomme says:

    Is Orly Taitz a KGB (whatever they call it these days…) plant? Let’s open a bet that she is involved (allegedly) in some kind of espionage ring?

  202. LikeDaTerminatorDaStoryWon'tDie says:

    Orly writes …

    I am in total disbelief and greatly honored. Eric Cantor, Republican whip, second ranked Republican congressman has joined congresswoman Mary Bono and became my friend on Facebook. To me it means that the leadership of the Republican party understands the importance of the issues and legal cases I brought forward. I hope more congressmen and senators join and either become additional plaintiffs or bring to the House and Senate judicial committee hearings the issues of Obama’s illegitimacy to presidency as well as suspected illegal activities by Obama and his supporters.


  203. Sven, I dropped over at Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack’s web site and left a comment about the friends she keeps.

  204. I’m sorry, which “nutbags” are you referring to, the birthers or the debunkers?

  205. thisoldhippie says:

    As my daughter’s Russian Jewish history professor states – sounding very much like Natasha – “Once KGB, always KGB.”

  206. aarrgghh says:

    kgb? mossad? not a problem in freeperville:

    #26) this is the scenario i foresee. his legal birth certificate was snatched from the mombasa clinic in kenya by the KGB and is now in putin’s possession to be used as blackmail. anything obama does must first meet with putin’s approval.

    return of document to rightful owner will not take place until his term is up in 4 or 8 years. document will show that obama never was a natural born US citizen in his last year of POTUS and laws passed during his administration will be declared null and void.

    members of MSM will fight each other tooth and nail to prove that they knew about the hoax all along. the first one to publish the article will receive the pulitzer prize.

    – – – – – – – – –

    #75) i would rather mossad be the department to expose this affirmative action figure fraud-in-chief. THAT would be karmic justice on this prick.

    nor a problem in orlyville:

    #4624) obama in trying to get his middle east peace plan implemented has left himself wide open to international blackmail.

    either the arabs or the israelis or both simultaneously are going to sit back for the BEST offer and then play the USURPER OF THE PRESIDENCY card on obama unless he makes the deal sweeter. barry won’t know what to do. this is how our international diplomacy will be hijacked for the remaining time he sits as president. all the countries in the world will play him like a deuce while they hold aces. obviously barry wasn’t counting on that scenario. israel already knows and is just waiting.

    thanks for taking my call today orly, i hope the israeli government contacts you shortly and as you remarked “a foreign nation is a 4th method to get this to the supreme court for hearing”

  207. Tits Magee says:

    Sometime I sort of wish Orly Taitz and her clan weren’t completely batshit crazypants, and Obama really did have an SS. That way, he could round up all the birthers and beat them over the head with a dead fish.

  208. v.putin says:

    She is cute,isnt she?
    Good russian poosy.


  209. v.putin says:

    I mean to say Russki Pusski.

  210. Orly's taint says:

    I really hate dumb people who don’t know it. If she really wants to help she should go back to mother Russia and try to stop Putin. She even looks like she would be stupid from that picture.

  211. Dziga says:

    Don’t blame Mother Russia. She is not “Russian-born”, as she claims (speaking of conspiracies). She was born and raised in Israel.
    Profile Information
    Bar Number 223433
    Address 26302 La Paz #211
    Mission Viejo, CA 92691 Phone Number (949) 683-5411
    Fax Number (949) 586-2082
    e-mail Not Available
    District District 8 Undergraduate School Hebrew Univ; Jerusalem Israel
    County Orange Law School William Howard Taft Univ; Santa Ana CA
    Sections None

  212. She came to the US by way of Israel.

  213. Chris says:

    Er…. She is a moldovian by birth. I have several Israeli-Moldovian friends, and frankly this woman makes them all look bad. Listening to this woman makes me echo Mark Twain:

    Never let your schooling interfere with your education.

  214. Real Dr. says:

    I am ashamed to be from the same country as this shameless, tasteless racist whore. With all her home-made degrees, she doesn’t understand when the entire country laughs at her. Prodazhnaya shkura. And excuse me, “Dr.” of what, smearing on cheap makeup?

  215. ETSpoon says:

    Show us yer birth certificate, beotch!!!

    Aw shee-ite, it’s in Russian.

    Who can read that crap?!

  216. I read a little Russian, studied it in college, on advice of my faculty advisor in the math dept.

  217. v.putin says:

    russki wimmen are HOT! AND they can ice skate
    and ballerina dance too!


  218. Dr. Vitali says:

    No, she is not Russian. She is too stupid for that, I don’t care what her birth certificate said. She sure sucked on lots of Russian dicks though.

  219. Dr. Vitali says:

    Why this idiot posted Mayakovskiy here? The poem has extreme communist content. seems misplaced to me. Can this moron read Russian?

  220. voxtel says:

    Every nation spawns some idiots. USSR is not an exception. Under soviet rule, she’d be assassinated by NKVD already, but in american media she gets the spotlight. mostly from entertainment, rather than legitimate news. Colbert owned her and she didn’t even know it. What a moron.

  221. ”а, я изучал русский язык в университете.

    The poem, “Left March” is quite intentional. The communist content was an jab at Orly’s ultra-right ranting, pointing out that essentially the only mention of her name in Russian literature was by a communist. It appears that in Dr. Tait’z case, “Orly” actually comes from a Hebrew root meaning “light”, rather than the Russian for “eagles” (something I did not know when the article was written).

    You’re entitled to your opinions, but no one is served by calling anyone a “moron”. Well… there is Orly…

    [Actually, after 40 years, my two years of Russian language classes have largely faded. I did, however, read up on Mayakovsky and have read “Left March” in English translation.]

  222. John Scotton says:

    Attention Junkies like this Taitz person feed on any type attention, positive or negative they thrive on it. I refuse to give her creds by commenting further. Barack has my vote!!!

  223. handfed says:

    Orly, honey, vitoschi tufl iz zhopi

  224. Lars Nagelscrotur says:

    One time I let Orly poop on me and then I peed on her! it was awesome

  225. Lars Nagelscrotur says:

    One time Orly Pooped on me and then I peed on her….and then pooped my own pants a little

  226. Keep it up all star.

  227. Sean Hannity says:

    You performed spectacularly on MSNBC tonight.

  228. youareafreak says:

    Please go back to Russia you insane fruitcake. We love our country and we love our President. Now you get out of our country right now and go and hang out with Putin. You are not wanted here. Bye!

  229. Alex says:

    Zhidvkoe barahlo, unichtozhilo Rosiyu a teper te zhe samie zhidovskie sobaki hotyt unichtozhit Ameriku.

    Jewish garbage has destroyed Russia and this same jewish dogs are trying to destroy America

  230. Sean says:

    surprise, surprise… who would have thought they’d see overt racism here…

  231. v.putin says:

    So,she is nyet Russki-a farkin’ Moldavian jew.
    That explains a lot of her moxie.
    Moldova/Moldavia is part of Romania and they speak the same language (Romanian)-as well as Russki from the good ole
    USSR/CCCP days. We Russians will cleanse such parasites from Mother Russia.

  232. big DAddy says:

    ” We Russians will cleanse such parasites from Mother Russia. bwahahahahaa!”

    I think you mean We COMMUNISTS in the OBAMA admin will cleanse such parasites from Mother Socialist USA.

    Big Daddy
    That was easy…

  233. Elena says:

    Russians will ALWAYS blame Jews or evreyone else for that matter that they are incompetent as citizens and can never bring their contry to glory they think they deserve! The most lazy, rude uncoltured pigs, that is who they are. They should have nobody but themselves to blame. it is funny that by blaming jews for bringing the contry down they basically admit that they have no mind of their own, especially considering the ratio of rusiians vs. Jews. Just admitt: jews are smarter and much more resilient then you!:):)

  234. Elena says:

    Drinking, stupidity and incompetence brought Russia down, not Jews!:) They used great Jewish minds to excell in lots of areas of science and culture, but it didn’t help much: Russia is still in the dumbster. Jews are “chosen”, no hatred of yours is going to change it, you will just chock on your own rage:)

  235. Mamasita says:

    Yet another showing of support by an ignorant anti-Semite with a pea for brain… Instead of debating one’s views and opinions, the scum resorts to the one thing he knows best – blaming the Jews for everything. How boring…

  236. reef says:

    That’s a dude.

  237. Greg Shea says:

    Deport this seditious subversive back to her homeland where she can try her act on Putin.

  238. Kristie says:

    Good for her!

  239. From the history of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a Russian Jew should know better than to play around with forged documents.

  240. Janie says:

    Curious, does anyone know if Ms. Taitz is actually in this country legally? Just asking, because there is a LOT of projection going on, and I would not be at all surprised to learn she is the illegal alien.

    On another note, does the group of wingdings think maybe the reason that Obama’s mother and father, and grandparents are dead, and the doctor who delivered him are dead is an invitation to taunt him, or an indication of his Manchurian type of takeover, all orchestrated by a man who knew in the womb that he would have to annihilate his whole family and then forge documents and that only she! Madame Czarina for bizarro world would know, because of course, although she has no proof, she is bound and determined to PROVE what she knows because due to time travel she was there, when he was born out the country, which she also was not born in!

    I swear there is mental illness afoot, really, the delusional and deranged have no acquaintancship with facts, proof, documents, or logic. No familiarity with the concept that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and certainly no conception of a democracy where facts, not accusations and fantasy rule.

    It’s really sad to see this kind of paranoia and derangement, it argues for Universal Healthcare, and MEDICATION!!!! Amen.

  241. Hear, hear!

  242. v.putin says:

    she sakahashi goodfor pm in tokio trip to visit yakuzi.


  243. Chewy Cabeza says:

    Good for her? What kind of an idiot would think that. Taitz is an embarrassment to the bar, America, Israel, and Russia. She’d do better as a speedbump.

  244. alaxo says:

    Orly Taitz represents a silent majority of ex-Soviet Jews who are racist in heart and who do not understand democracy at all. The pretend they do. They are poisoned by their own past persecutions and prejudices of the ex-Soviet empire. She only had to tap into this country continued hatred of non-white minorities-it was there for her, ready made. One has to understand that black nationalities in Putin’s Russia are still a novelty and are generally mistrusted. I also suspect that ms.Taitz is worried about her dental practice and how it might be impacted by the Healthcare initiative. Although it does not appear she really has time for it.

  245. Pava says:

    We call it as we see it friend…and since we see what we have been accustomed to before…we can recognize it easier then someone like you…who never had experiences living under totalitarian rule…

  246. Buddy Newman says:

    SNOPES.COM (Search “Kenyan Mistake”)says your birth certificate is FALSE but the one they publish looks nothing like yours. Can you clarify that?

  247. There are (at least) two fake Kenyan birth certificates floating around. The one on SNOPES is the older of the two, and not the one ORLY is currently advocating as real.

  248. Paul says:

    $20K fine, Maybe when she becomes a real lawyer she will appreciate what just happened. I wonder is she was a mail order bride, just like her law degree?

  249. Rob says:

    Don’t like it here? Then GO BACK TO THE USSR!!!

  250. This “woman” is not just insane, she is commiting an act of TREASON by asking the military to revolt against a LAWFULLY elected president et al…… She wants revolt BITCH go back to Russia and then see what they would do to you. She needs her law license revoked

  251. Cynthia says:

    This woman needs to go back where she came from USSR. This is USA, we don’t need her hatred for American government, people of color, and racism was already here. Go home and try to overthrow your Soviet government, not ours.

  252. then, WHY ?? Doesn’t “THE MUSLIM IN CHIEF” just show his birth cert.
    Not a big deal
    ….IF ! he actually has one, why would he spend 2 mil to fight the case.

  253. TEAR HIM UP , ORLY !!

  254. kimba says:

    Happy Sunday george! You have been misinformed. Please check out Dr C’s articles about Obama’s birth certificate.

    In particular, the two linked below. are very helpful in explaining the topics you raise.
    Hope you learn something and stop by again!

  255. aarrgghh says:

    all caps: the blaring tabloid headline of an insecure mind.

  256. bob says:

    [Content deleted at submitters request, Doc.]

  257. bob says:

    [Comment deleted per user request. Doc C.]

  258. Mary Brown says:

    I love the should show he was born in Kenya. Wishful thinking that then goes on to real delusion. Very funny.

  259. bob says:

    [Comment deleted per user request. Doc C.]

  260. bob says:

    [Comment deleted per user request. Doc C.]

  261. Expelliarmus says:

    Judge Clay Land in Georgia fined Orly $20,000 under Rule 11 for filing frivolous motions. Rule 11 is different than contempt, but among other things Orly filed written papers accusing the Judge of treason and flinging all number of other insults and accusations.

  262. SFJeff says:

    Dear bob….

    What you write is very hard to read. I don’t know whether English is not your native language, but both formating and your use of language makes some of what you write almost incomprehensible.

    But to your allegations:

    “but the real issue is that obama was not
    born on CONTINENTAL-USA ”

    No, bob- there is no requirement that the President be born in the Continental USA but only born in the U.S.A (or otherwise qualified).

    “and thereby Fed.Court must find a felony sufficient to put him in jail for one or more lifetimes.”

    What felony would that be that would put him in jail for a lifetime- let alone more than one?

  263. bob says:

    [Comment deleted per user request. Doc C.]

  264. bob says:

    [Comment deleted per user request. Doc C.]

  265. Expelliarmus says:

    bob:”Taitz filed in the wrong court becausea state court can not take legal jurisdiction of Federal.Matter: more below on fixing this mess via remove to Fed.Courtthus does not matter what terms of endearment she used to woo the merely state court judge etc, she owes them no respect because they knew they could not take legal jurisdiction of Federal.

    Clay Land is a federal judge in Georgia; the case in which Orly was fined was a federal district court.

    You can see the order here:

    Note the caption: “United States District Court, Middle District of Georgia”

    The rest of your comment is based on a total misunderstanding of the cases, including where they were brought and what they were about. Orly’s client in the Georgia case has fired her so Orly can’t take any more action in that case in any event — that case is dead except for the sanctions part, which Orly seems to be appealing.

  266. aarrgghh says:

    i think i’ve found out where bob’s been getting his legal training:

    pinky: “gee, brain, what do you want to do tonight?”

    the brain: “the same thing we do every night, pinky — try to depose the usurper!”

  267. Expelliarmus: that case is dead except for the sanctions part, which Orly seems to be appealing.

    Orly’s dental practice is “Appealing Dentistry.”

  268. bob: i am going to paste your’s [sic] here so this of mine will make sense

    It didn’t work.

  269. bob: Fed Court has an absolute power to deal with and or dig up FACTS, thus any plaintiff or any attorney or anyone else, before the court, speaking for the court, may send a party an interrogatory [questions],

    The Courts are not investigative agencies, and their power is not absolute. This is why we have these discussions of standing; the Constitution enumerates powers of the federal courts, and there are some things outside their authority.

    And please get your information straight. Judge Land is a federal judge and Orly filed Rhodes v. MacDonald in a federal court.

  270. I have deleted this comment at your request. Are you sure you wouldn’t like me to do the same to the rest of your comments?

    Note that we have two posters here: Bob and bob.

  271. Welsh Dragon says:

    “Note that we have two posters here: Bob and bob.”

    Glad that’s cleared up – was wondering what had got into Bob!

  272. thisoldhippie says:

    bob – how many times do you have to be told that Judge Land IS a Federal Court judge? The case which preceded Ms Taitz’ $20,000 sanction was filed in the United States Federal Court, Middle District of Georgia, Columbus Division. There is no state court case to remove to federal court and Judge Land was well within his right to sanction Ms Taitz any way he saw fit.

  273. SFJeff says:

    bob, I am fairly certain that English is not your first language, and because of that I don’t know whether you don’t understand what “born in Continental U.S.” means, or whether you sincerely believe that to be eligible a citizen must be born in the Continental U.S..

    Now I am no lawyer- and I suspect you aren’t either, but I know that “continental U.S.” means citizens of Hawaii- the 50th state- would be excluded from being President by your definition. And I think the citizens of Hawaii would be surprised to find out they are not eligible to be President. I think most of us agree that the “natural born Citizen” provision applies to all 50 states.(does anyone know whether it applies to Puerto Rico?).

    “jail for one lifetime for intent to defraud as to qualifications for office pres.”

    bob- I asked you to cite what law would have as a penalty one or multiple lifetimes. I am no lawyer, but I am not aware of any Federal lifetime sentences for a single felony fraud conviction. So if you are going to tell me to go find out about the law, please cite me the specific statute that you refer to so that I can look up the sentencing guidelines. Personally, I think you are assuming that such a provision exist because you think it should. So if you know of what you speak- give me the citation to the law.

  274. bob says:

    [Comment deleted per user request. Doc C.]

  275. bob says:

    i asked you to remove all of my comments
    and you have not done so yet

    because i now leave your forum

    good luck

  276. bob says:

    [Comment deleted per user request. Doc C.]

  277. SFJeff says:

    bob- I read your stuff….

    Do you want them removed because you recognize they are wrong? Or because you can’t handle having your arguments rebuted?

    Oh and please don’t remove his posts for awhile now- they are excruciating to read and I think others should have to go through what I did.

  278. Good luck to you too. ❗

    I see your request, and so have deleted your comments except this request to remove them. Replies to your comments that may have quoted what you said, of course, remain.

    I know that if I had said something that I later regretted, I would consider it a favor for it to be deleted. The Golden Rule and all that.

  279. I wonder of Orly has been “had” on her blog. A recent article she published from a reader, one P.J. Trollinger [emphasis added] said:

    You raise some very sticky issues in your briefs.


    This one was the remarkable one, though:


    Whatever PROSPARITY is.

  280. V.N. says:

    My name is V> N> I am not going to tell you my name. You don’t have to know it, What I would like to know is, how you can get away with it. I tok a look at the so-called birth certificate. from Kenya. To me I couldn’t read it, it was too old. or too blurred. That tells me it is a fake. Obama was born in Hawaii. They showed his birth certificate on tv in Jan. or Feb/ Where have you been in a cave all this time. The birth certificate was stamped & notirized by the state of Hawaii. So get it together. “”HEELLO””. Be very careful, how you trend the waters- some people might say that you are a racist, & those people are very dangerous. You were born in soviet union. I hope that you became a citizen. Obama could not run for the Presidency if he is not a US citizen. I was born in europe also, & became a citizen of this country. I was taught to respect people & get along with them. Oblivouly, you have not taught properly. The birth certificate in Kenya is a fake. You know it & I know it. Obama’s Grandmather & Mother, are roling in their graves for what you are doing. Read “THe constitution Of the United States”. It states. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The word is WE. We voted him in office & We can ask him to step down_WE. You might get a reality check/ I hope that you are not a racist, but it sure looks that way. Do not threaten me or come after me or my family. I am making a copy of this to protect myself. Thnak-You V. N. .

  281. Hi, V.N.

    I think you might have misunderstood the purpose of this web site. It is here to apply critical reasoning and evidence-based analysis to conspiracy theory claims about Barack Obama. No one threatens anybody. And of course, the Kenyan birth certificate (either of them) for Barack Obama is a fake, and of course Barack Obama was born in Hawaii; it says on on his birth certificate.

    However, if anyone wants Obama to step down, they will have to wait until the next election (or put “silly drug” in the congressional water supply).

  282. JOHN says:

    dear orly taitz,
    i am a sergeants major E-9 retired from the us army and have followed your legal arguments presented on behalf of your clients! since my retirement i have served as a private investigator for cases that were unsolved, now solved by my agency for influencial clients! I believe i have a legal argument, with standing, to use against the defendent obama citizenship case if you are interested!

  283. John says:

    Orly…if you don’t like it here….GET OUT. Go back to your homeland of Russia. We don’t need any more of your kind here in our wonderful country.

  284. DDT says:

    If that commie obama has nothing to hide, why is it using millions of OUR money to block any discovery of his backround. He is nothing but a coward that has to lie constantly to cover his filthy tracks. Only an idiot would follow a fool like him. He needs to be chased back to the communist sh*t hole country he slithered out from. You and the rest of you immoral cowards need to follow before true Americans show you another way out.

  285. nbc says:

    I understand your feelings and I understand that the fact that he is a duly elected President drives you crazy…
    You may want to get used to it…

  286. DDT: If that commie obama has nothing to hide, why is it using millions of OUR money to block any discovery of his backround.

    If you are not a commie, then why do you try to undermine the US government with fake stories of millions being spend to block discovery of the President’s background.

    I can’t think of any president about whom we know MORE background. I can tell you when the president was born TO THE MINUTE. I know his birth certificate number. Can you tell me that about George Bush, or Bill Clinton, or Jimmy Carter?

  287. The Sheriff's A Ni- says:

    I hear there are a couple of autobiographies available. Perhaps you should give them a read.

  288. G says:

    Well, DDT, since Obama hasn’t spent any “millions”, like you made up, then it sounds like he’s not hiding anything after all, and you are just a crazy sore loser throwing a tantrum and flinging feces full of falsehoods.

    Figures you would name yourself after a banned poison, DDT, because that is all you’ve spewed here – anti-American poison.

    How dare you call our beloved country a communist sh*thole, you traitorous scumbag! You obviously know nothing about “true Americans” because your sad little screed is about as far from the ideals of what it means to be an American as possible.

  289. Rickey says:

    DDT says:

    If that commie obama has nothing to hide, why is it using millions of OUR money to block any discovery of his backround.

    Maybe because he’s NOT spending millions to defend these frivolous lawsuits?

    The lawsuits which are still active are being defended by U.S. attorneys, who are on salary. These attorneys would be collecting the same salaries whether they were working on birther cases or any of the other cases which U.S. attorneys are assigned to.

    The work done on the birther cases by U.S. attorneys has been mostly limited to filing motions to dismiss. They also spent a few hours in court before Judge Carter in California and a few hours before Judge Land in Georgia. Of the cases which are on appeal, it looks like all of them are going to be decided without oral arguments, which means that the appellate legal work will be limited to filing briefs.

    You apparently know very little about how cases such as these are handled, but the only way they could cost “millions” to defend would be if the defense attorneys were being paid $10,000/hour.

  290. Greg says:

    1. It’s thousands, not millions. It might only be hundreds, in fact.

    2. Basically, what you’re saying is that the President of the United States should drop whatever he is doing and respond in court to every nutjob that brings a case or else he’s hiding something. If you pay the $50 needed to file a case, the President has to appear to answer your charges, no matter how stupid! Or else, he’s hiding something.

    Does it work for you, too? Can I file lawsuit after lawsuit, let’s say, accusing you of being criminally stupid, do you have to answer each one? Do I get discovery for each one?

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